Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Greece - Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis - Alcohol is Free
Apr 10 2013 05:44 pm CET

Greece brings ska to this year's Eurovision Song Contest with "Alcohol is Free" by Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis. Will the perfect final streak continue this year and will Greece return to the Top 10?

Country: Greece
Title: "Alcohol is Free"
Artist: Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis
Semi-Final: Second, Position 9
Last year's entry/position: "Aphrodisiac" - Eleftheria Eleftheriou (17th Place)

Greece has one of the longest legacies in the Eurovision Song Contest, having never missed a final since joining the competition in 1974. Since the semi-final format was introduced in 2004, Greece had a perfect streak of Top 10 finishes (including a win in 2005) up until last year, when "Aphrodisiac" finished in 17th place. "Alcohol is Free" stands a good chance of reclaiming a Top 10 berth – take a listen:

This track reminds me of Moldova's entry in the 2011 Contest, this time replacing the pointy hats with kilts. As the Contest in Dusseldorf showed us, there is an audience for ska at Eurovision, with Moldova finishing in 12th place. I expect a lively performance from Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis, so there should be no problem with this song advancing to final and making a strong impression in the final.

What Greece will have to look out for is how it gets positioned in the Final. In the semi-final, the song was positioned between Iceland and Israel, creating a jarring effect in the flow of the show. Though this jar provides a much-needed energy boost, Israel is also providing a buffer from the other rock-heavy tracks which seem to have all been placed in the second semi-final. If Switzerland somehow makes it to the Final, I could see both countries causing vote splitting, hurting each other's chances at a strong placement.

Of course, how important is placement in the Eurovision Song Contest? With Greece's economic woes, there must be an undercurrent of pragmatism keeping people from giving the country its full support, regardless of the quality of the entry. If Greece somehow misses out in the Top 10 again this year, I will be curious to see if they choose to participate next year if economic conditions do not improve. Though if "Alcohol is Free" is actually a sales pitch, maybe we could see the contest in Athens next year.

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