Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Montenegro - Who See - Igranka
Apr 09 2013 06:04 pm CET

While Montenegro has one of the most original entries in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, "Igranka" by Who See may be too heavy in its style to make a positive impression in Malmo. Is it possible for a rap/rock song to get enough jury and televote support to advance?

Country: Montenegro
Title: "Igranka" (The Party)
Artist: Who See
Semi-Final: First, Position 9
Last year's entry/position: "Euro Neuro" - Rambo Amadeus (DNQ, 15th of 18 First SF)

One of the unfortunate aspects of the Eurovision Song Contest is that songs which attempt to push the medium forward are not so much met with resistance but with ambivalence. Hard rock and rap songs tend to fare poorly in the Contest, which makes "Igranka" by Who See an incredibly tough sale for Montenegro to attempt. Take a listen:

A few weeks ago, I was discussing some of this year's Eurovision entries with an acquaintance on Twitter who also does critiques of the competing song. Here's how that portion of the conversation went:

I fear Ben is probably right, even though I think "Igranka" is one of the more interesting entries in the first semi-final. The hard beats will make a stronger impression than what Estonia or Cyprus has to offer, and the lyrical style steers away from more conventional entries. However, if the stage performance mimics anything from the video posted above, we could have a rehash of Austria's "Woki Mit Diem Popo," which finished in absolute last place last year.

I would love to see Montenegro get rewarded for going against the grain of the entries in the first semi-final, but the style may be too divisive to organize the required coalition to get "Igranka" into the Final.

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