Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Slovenia - Hannah - Straight Into Love
Apr 07 2013 06:46 pm CET

Though "Straight Into Love" by Hannah is an ok pop track, Slovenia has an uphill battle to get into the Eurovision Song Contest final in Malmo. With so many other entries already offering what this song provides, does it stand a chance of advancing?

Country: Slovenia
Title: "Straight Into Love"
Artist: Hannah
Semi-Final: First, Position 3
Last year's entry/position: "Verjamem" - Eva Boto (DNQ, 17th of 18 Second SF)

Slovenia is trying to bounce back from what should have been a better entry last year. The song they sent to Baku was publicly selected and had a pedigree that won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, but none of that mattered as "Verjamem" barely registered with anyone. This year, "Straight Into Love" by American Hannah Mancini is a pop track (similar to Slovenia's somewhat successful 2011 entry) selected internally. Take a listen:

I don't think this is a bad song, and the tweaks in this version have made an improvement over what was originally presented back on Valentine's Day. However, this track is fairly disposable and not positioned to make a strong impression. The first four songs of the first semi-final make up a grouping of fodder leading up to current overall Contest favorites Denmark, Russia and Ukraine. Making matters more difficult are similar-sounding tracks Ireland and Serbia, with the latter getting the final spot in the running order.

Where Hannah can make a firm impression will be in the stage performance. The models from the video will be eye candy and this entry is the only one in the first half of the semi-final who could pull off having that sort of visual. However, this may end up duplicating whatever performance Belarus has in the works (based on promotional appearances Alyona Lanskaya has made). Belarus has the stronger entry of the two, making advancing that much more difficult for Slovenia.

Although Slovenia should have a stronger showing than last year, "Straight Into Love" will not have a straight shot into the final. The fact that I've been able to compare this track to six other entries in the semi-final shows that there isn't much room left for this song to fit. Sneaking in at 10th place is probably the best this entry can hope for, but it will come down to what Hannah does on stage.

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