Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Armenia - Dorians - Lonely Planet
Apr 04 2013 06:17 pm CET

Armenia returns to the Eurovision Song Contest after a year off with the song "Lonely Planet" by Dorians. Though the video is something to be desired, the actual song is quite good and should make a strong impression on the Malmo stage.

Country: Armenia
Title: "Lonely Planet"
Artist: Dorians
Semi-Final: Second, Position 11
Last year's entry/position: Did not compete

This year we welcome back Armenia to the Eurovision Song Contest after a one-year break. Though the hiatus was politically-based rather than a strategy session – after breaking their perfect final streak in 2011 – the country seems to have figured things out and has a decent entry with "Lonely Planet" by Dorians. Take a listen:

I get the idea of the video, but I hate the execution. That is some awful green screening composition. Fortunately this shouldn't be a problem in the official evaluation on the Malmo stage, unless the group somehow incorporates it into the performance. My advice: don't.

Anyway, this is one of the better entries to come out of Armenia in the last few years. There isn't the Emmy problem from 2011 in that lead singer Gor Sujyan did not appear to be lip-synching at the song's initial presentation, thereby leaving us wondering what will happen at the live show in Sweden. The ethos of the song is very Eurovision-friendly, which actually makes it stand out in the second semi-final. Georgia's entry and Switzerland's entry also fall into that category, but "Lonely Planet" seems to be the least obvious of the three.

Overall, Armenia stands a good chance of advancing. It is positioned between two ballads and should stand out in the crowd. It won't win the overall contest, but there is the potential for "Lonely Planet" to have a strong showing in the Final.

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