Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Malta - Gianluca - Tomorrow
Apr 02 2013 06:05 pm CET

Although Malta has a delightful entry in this year's Eurovision Song Contest with "Tomorrow" by Gianluca, could its running order assignment be too much of an obstacle to make a strong impression in Malmo?

Country: Malta
Title: "Tomorrow"
Artist: Gianluca
Semi-Final: Second, Position 6
Last year's entry/position: "This is the Night" - Kurt Calleja (21st Place)

It could be argued that Malta's toe-tapping tune "Tomorrow" by Gianluca is the most radio-friendly song in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. However, the stage performance needs to draw some visual appeal if the entry hopes to advance to the Final. Here's the track:

Malta will need to be extremely careful with how it decides to present this song on stage. There will be the temptation to do a reenactment of the story from the video, but I cannot imagine that being executed in a way that doesn't come off resembling a high school talent show. Yes, it's a cute story, but the video already has the twee factor amped up almost beyond the acceptable limit. However, the alternative seems to be having the band hanging out on stage and crooning. Though this setup could work, it's a little too similar to what Malta did last year and, if done poorly, could lead to a boring performance.

Further complicating things is Malta's placement in the second semi-final lineup. Malta will follow Finland's entry, which has the potential to be a showstopping (or at least attention-grabbing) performance. Bulgaria's drum show follows in the 7-slot, which means Malta will either be a palette cleanser or get lost in the shuffle.

It is unfortunate: "Tomorrow" is not a bad song, but something stellar will need to happen if Malta hopes to advance.

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