Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Ireland - Ryan Dolan - Only Love Survives
Apr 01 2013 06:08 pm CET

Ireland may have a secret weapon for the Eurovision Song Contest with the entry "Only Love Survives" by Ryan Dolan. Could a song reminiscent of dance offerings from Eastern Europe be the key to success in Malmo?

Country: Ireland
Title: "Only Love Survives"
Artist: Ryan Dolan
Semi-Final: First, Position 13
Last year's entry/position: "Waterline" - Jedward (19th Place)

It's weird talking about Ireland without discussing Jedward, but here we are. The good news is Ryan Dolan's "Only Love Survives" could be a sleeper hit at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Here's the track:

This may sound strange, but there's something about this song that to me fills the gap from Bosnia & Herzegovina's absence from this year's Contest. This feels like a song that country would send to the Contest, which could mean Eastern European votes for Ireland. Like Austria's entry, the lyrics are typical of a "Eurovision" song, but the melody and drums do a great job of keeping the song engaging. It also doesn't hurt that Dolan is easy on the eyes. He's fortunate to have landed in the first semi-final, as this track would not have made as strong an impression in the other semi-final. For example, I have a difficult time seeing this song beating out Azerbaijan's entry.

That bridge won't need to be crossed until the Final, which I expect Ireland to attend.

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