Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Belgium - Roberto Bellarosa - Love Kills
Mar 26 2013 06:12 pm CET

Belgium continues its struggle to reach the Eurovision Song Contest final in Malmo, Sweden as its entry "Love KIlls" by Roberto Bellarosa fails to inspire. Could the song earworm potential allow it to sneak through?

Country: Belgium
Title: "Love Kills"
Artist: Roberto Bellarosa
Semi-Final: First, Position 15
Last year's entry/position: "Would You" - Iris (DNQ, 17th of 18, First SF)

Belgium may want to revisit how it selects its entries for the Eurovision Song Contest. With the exception of Tom Dice's "Me and My Guitar" from 2010, the internal selection process is not working for the country. Since the semi-final format was introduced, Belgium has made the final twice: Dice in 2010 and by prequalifying in 2004. I do not see a visit to the final with "Love Kills" by Roberto Bellarosa:

Much like last year's entry, the lyrics do not make much sense and the story of the song is all over the place. Combined with the music, the song sounds rather dated and something you would hear while on hold making a dentist appointment over the phone. The version above is better than the version from the song selection show: the lyrics were cleaned up and an unnecessary key change was removed, making the song listenable.

What hurts Belgium the most in the first semi-final is the entry from Ireland. Though that song has the same general theme and style of this entry, Ireland's has a more modern and relevant tone. There are several entries in the first semi-final that are conventional and simple in style and content, but it's the presentation and risk-taking that elevates entries above "Love Kills."

What may work in Belgium's favor is the earworm potential of the song. I wrote this review a couple days ago and the song has been stuck in my head since then. Depending on its position in the running order, there could be a slight boost in votes simply because other songs cannot latch on to the short-term memory.

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