Rank the RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Season 5 Episode 8: Scent of a Drag Queen
Mar 22 2013 10:58 am CET

This week on RuPaul's Drag Race, the seven queens got to play the first ever edition of Whatcha Packing, sponsored by underwear designer Andrew Christian. After a healthy dose of eye candy, the girls had to work their noses and create their own fragrances. Along with the new scents, each contestant filmed a commercial for their product, with direction from Michelle Visage and Aubrey O'Day.

On the mainstage, the new perfume entrepreneurs were asked to dress for their product launch party. Joining Michelle, Aubrey and Santino Rice was Joan Van Ark, who is my new favorite person after this week's judging. Alaska earned her first win of the season with a brilliant concept called "Red…for filth." Ivy Winters and Alyssa Edwards were completely lost in their concepts and ended up in the bottom two. Unfortunately, Ivy's season of "Ain't Nothin' Going on But the Rent" caught up with her and she was asked to sashay away.

So, once again here is the ranking for the Top 7 queens:

1. Alaska (Last week: 3)

Alaska's win this week was 100% deserved. She had the clearest concept of all the queens this week and entered her filming session with a clear plan of execution. Although some of the other contestants were dressed for success on the runway, Alaska was the only one who coordinated her outfit – a red skirt, wig and bra with a black blazer – with the product she would have been launching. RuPaul cackled throughout Alaska's brilliant ad and Aubrey said the scent Alaska created was the only one that was usable. Good job, Alaska!

2. Detox (Last week: 5)

Detox did not get much screen time this week, but she made her moments work. Detox's fragrance was called Heroin(e), which I think is quite marketable outside of a drag context. Her ad had me laughing out loud: Detox would describe the product in a sexy, seductive voice and then drop the bass to say "heroin(e)." Where Detox lost points was with her runway look. She wore a transparent sheath with some hard black lingerie underneath. I felt like we've seen this sort of look from Detox before, and this time it wasn't particularly flattering. Santino called the look unfinished, but the rest of the panel liked what Detox offered overall.

3. Jinkx Monsoon (Last week: 2)

Jinkx took a risk this week with her fragrance "Delusion." Her concept was the morning after fun and games with the Pit Crew. The filming of the ad was awkward, almost like a 15-year-old trying to create a sexy scene. Aubrey said after filming "nothing felt like she was a lady," which was a fair critique. The edited version of the ad played better than what we were led to expect, but it still wasn't great. Jinkx's runway look could best be described as steampunk flapper, which is consistent for the character, but didn't seem to fit the guidelines for the runway look. Michelle loved the look, so that's a plus for Ms. Monsoon.

4. Roxxxy Andrews (Last week: 6)

Roxxxy had to bounce back after last week's emotional non-near-elimination. I appreciate that she wanted to do a fragrance for the big girls, but does anyone want to smell of bacon and maple syrup? Her filming went worse than Jinkx's, mainly because Roxxxy tried to wing it without any sort of script. The final version of the ad we saw was pretty good, but featured footage and a costume change we never saw. Michelle called Roxxxy's approach unprofessional, which threw the pageant queen for a loop. Her runway look didn't do her any favors either, with Aubrey (of all people) calling it tacky.

5. Alyssa Edwards (Last week: 7)

Here's the thing with Alyssa's ad for "Alyssa's Secret": it was basically infringing on the ad campaign for Secret deodorant. Not only that, it almost infringed on that episode of America's Next Top Model when two of the contestants said "My secret is…I sleep with a nightlight." Also, Alyssa decided that Teresa Giudice of Celebrity Apprentice / The Real Housewives of New Jersey should be her style icon for the ad. Alyssa earned her place in the bottom two, but she managed to take the 5-spot this week because she did a great job on the Lip Synch for Your Life. Also, her runway look had executive realness.

6. CoCo Montrese (Last week: 1)

I honestly don't know how CoCo managed to avoid the bottom two this week. Her ad, which was 99% leopard print, was unwatchable and unreadable. Her perfume concept seemed to be more sucking up to RuPaul than meeting the terms of the challenge. I also didn't like her runway look – a zebra print gown with lots of chains – but the judges seemed receptive to it. Also, CoCo has let the competition get into her head and she's starting to have some really ugly moments on Untucked. CoCo did receive a phone call from her husband, but I think it further illustrated how CoCo might need to spend some time with CoCo when the season is done.

7. Ivy Winters (Last week: 4)

Poor Ivy. You could tell about two minutes into the episode that she was going to be going home because she actually received screen time. Ivy won the mini-challenge and received a phone call from home. However, since there had been no Ivy narrative up to this point, the show had to shove anything and everything into this episode. Unfortunately, this was not Ivy's challenge and she was completely stymied. Her runway look was a beige figure skater's dress, which is the most boring thing you could wear on this show. For her lip synch, Ivy's strategy was to stay in place and focus on the lyrics. Although she did a good job, "Ain't Nothin' Going on But the Rent" is a dance track, so you have to move. Alyssa did just that and that's why she's still on the show. Ivy was good natured about leaving, and hopefully she reciprocates Jinkx's crush. I look forward to her follow-up at the reunion.

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