Glee Season 4 Episode 15 Recap: Girls (and Boys) On Film
Mar 19 2013 07:48 pm CET

Mr. Schuster had his moment where he turned to Royal Wedding as his form of escapism. I find the fact that Schue is thinking about weddings is nice, but I almost wished that he would have returned to Singing in the Rain again to show that Singing was his main escapism. The camera trick was classic and used correctly (incorrect usage? See the "Bye Bye Bye" music video). He woke up as if that dream was a nightmare.

Schue announced that this week's theme was "Movies." Shouldn't they be practicing for regionals and instead of making silly themes trying to shoehorn ideas into the crappy themes that the competition created? Kitty pointed out that this was all a ploy for Schue's wedding snafu and while he agreed, he thought it could translate to his students well. They would have to pick favorite songs/favorite movies and combine the mash-up challenge he seems to love. He kept it as boys vs. girls format and allowed Unique to be part of the girls. He must have learned after Kurt graduated to let some of his students pick where they want to go. I mean, Blaine is happy to perform with the guys. Artie suggested that their prize was to be part of his student film. I assume since it's high school, Marley won't be contemplating whether or not she should show boob.

Finn had time to talk to Schue about looking for Emma. Schue thought it was all about giving her space and admitted that he was hurt and Finn should leave things alone.

Sue talked to Finn and pointed out that Emma used all her vacation time. Obviously she's not in a place where gingers burn when they walk outside. Sue made some random comments about gingers but didn't help, as if she ever does. Finn then turned to Artie and he suggested talking to Emma's parents.

Blaine & Brittany thought of doing a warm-up/team group performance. Why? Because it magically fit 300 performances? Sure! Why not. I've given up on logic on this show. Blaine brought up "Shout" from Animal House. How about "Shout" from Wedding Crashers? That way, we could have a boob montage too. The problem with "Shout" is while it's iconic, it wasn't made for either Animal House or Wedding Crashers, it just so happened to fit perfectly with the mood in the film. Technicalities aside, the group had their performance led by Blaine and Brittany and the group wandered around the halls of the school. As a good side note it showed that the group all didn't have the same classes. Brittany's voice sounded awful when she was suggesting the crowd to sing louder and she really needs to be relegated to songs that need more grit or soul. Imagine Mercedes on this track with Santana or even Unique.

Santana announced that she was flailing around in her first week in New York because she was stuck inside with theater kids. Santana tried to stir up some controversy as she asked Kurt if he was dating Adam from Essex. Santana then played up the pregnancy fact and pointed out that Rachel was looking fat. Rachel popped up and argued with her a bit. Kurt tried to quell the argument by suggesting a movie for everyone to watch and Santana suggested pregnancy related films. Kurt suggested Moulin Rouge and Santana was outvoted.

We enter a fantasy sequence complete with cheesy flashbacks with blur all around the edges. Blaine began "Come what May" and I'm not sure if I was supposed to be enthralled by the extremely cheap looking set. I've watched a bit of Revolution and have laughed at sub-par CGI so I guess borrowing American Idol's smoke machine was a freebie. Kurt arrived in his counter-tenor falsetto and a white bow tie. There are times when I really like his voice, but when he first sang a few lines it sounded like a cat being strangled. The two gave their emotional hug. If this is a fantasy, why can't Kurt kiss him? Kurt was ready to bawl as he sat sandwiched between Rachel and Adam. Adam called him out in it, then Santana immediately mentioned Blaine and how that was their song. Santana stopped the movie and announced that Brody was a psycho. Brody smelled like talcum powder and believed in the power of makeovers, which clearly Santana never needed. She then found $1200 when she was checking everything. The two got upset that she was snooping, but since it's Santana everything's okay. Adam thought he wasn't a psycho because maybe he didn't believe in banks, or was part Asian. Santana then found a pager, which neither Rachel nor Kurt knew what it was, and was convinced that Brody was a drug dealer. Close, but no cigar.

Finn and Artie brought Emma's parents in, disguised as gingers, to get more information on Emma. Unfortunately, her parents were suspicious because the two didn't smell like copper. How about they went to the fake reception and probably sang in front of you. You know the one that you paid for. They asked for an address and her parents somehow obliged. Why were they so gullible?

Kurt started getting cabin fever as Santana got rejected again. Rachel was convinced that Brody wasn't a drug dealer. She called him up and over the phone we heard Brody claim he was stuck at a friends' place and would be back as soon as he could. The best part was Santana miming snorting crack. Kurt was finally on board after Brody's questionable responses.

We returned to McKinley as the guys performed "Highway to the Danger Zone / Footloose" and any excuse to have Sam, Jake, and Rider in only underwear and a shirt is a win for me. Granted, I'm sure we saw more in their calendar, or when Sam was swimming or stripping.

The girls were next and actually had lines prior to the performance. How did Kitty go from sabotaging to BFF so quickly in Marley's head? A few Puckermen shouldn't be enough to sway a smart girl. Marley must not be the sharpest tool in the shed as she told Kitty that she kissed Ryder. Kitty didn't have a problem with it as she called dating guys "diamond collecting." The girls did "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" from Moulin Rouge. At least the song originated from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I was awkwardly waiting for the mash-up part of the performance as they claimed performing the Moulin Rouge version with snippets of "Material Girl" was enough. If they were going for it, call it the "Sparkling Diamonds" medley and get it over with. Should they be disqualified for not paying attention or being original? In my book? Yes.

Kurt was finally out of his apartment as he practiced a pirouette. Adam walked in and thanked him for his hospitality. He only wished that the two were snowed in longer. Adam asked about Blaine and while Kurt admitted to singing with him he denied still being in love with Blaine. Adam suggested finding a sappy movie to replace the Blaine-based sappy movie in his head.

Finn convinced Schue that he should be finding Emma. Finn tried to explain that it was the third act of the movie where Glee reenacts 80s films. Or something to convince the two to get back together via song. Emma was in bed as Schue began his 80s love song "In Your Eyes." The glee club arrived to back him as if a real world serenading wasn't creepy enough. Emma eventually looked out into the window to see Mr. Schue hold up a really fake looking boom box. I think it was in the frailty in his fingers that made me think it was a prop from the theater department. Unique provided a little bit of a vocal run for emphasis, becoming the Mercedes for the performance. Schue gave his speech then kicked the New Directions out. How grateful. The two had a discussion where Schue and Emma tried to figure out the reason why she ran. He suggested she title a pamphlet. She basically called it So you don't know your future husband. Because he disappeared for a few weeks? Do these two never talk? Skype? Facebook message each other? It's their fault if the two fell apart then. The two decided to start from scratch. What? Will the OCD return in droves?

Santana returned from outside and felt like she found her New Yorker spirit. Rachel claimed that Brody was back and in the shower; Santana thinking he was trying to scrub as much of the drug shame off of his body. Santana then confronted her about the pregnancy test. Rachel broke down immediately as Santana was a bit stunned herself.

Marley arrived to Jake in the school pottery room. You knew exactly what was happening next. Jake admitted to her that Ryder was the mastermind and he just wanted to impress Marley. As his own "personal" idea, he decided to copy Ghost and the two made warped clay vases. I really thought that I'd respond to the movie-theme better, but I feel like all of the performances have been weak copies of classics instead of the performances standing for themselves. The only part that was remotely interesting was when she was thinking about Ryder in the same position. Marley had to stop Jake and she explained that Ryder kissed her. Jake walked away leaving poor old depressed Marley to wallow in her clay soaked hands.

Schue, being the tease, announced that "everyone" won the mash-off since Artie needed everyone to be in his film. Schue needed to talk to Finn privately as Jake/Marley sulked separately. Schue stopped to thank Finn for being a great best man. Finn admitted to kissing Emma to calm her down. Because some snotty 18-19 year-old made a dumb decision Schue couldn't take it and walked away.

The group ended with a performance of "Footloose" which had nothing to do with the episode at all. At least it's actually a good group performance that didn't try to recreate a high school prom. The performance was the closest to having decent choreography as well.

Next Time: Really? "Bye Bye Bye"?

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