Sunday TV: NCAA Selection Show, Leprechaun, Wicked Single
Mar 17 2013 10:13 am CET

Top of the morning to ye: happy St. Patrick's Day! Today's television schedule features some bad luck courtesy of Leprechaun, potential good luck with the March Madness selection show, and some Boston Irish shenanigans on Wicked Single. Here's what's on TV Sunday.

FIrst up, in honor(?) of St. Patrick's Day, SyFy will be marathoning the movies Leprechaun and Leprechaun 2. In the first movie, the diminutive Irishman seeks murderous revenge on the humans who stole his gold. In the sequel, he heads to the USA to look for love, as you do. The all-day marathon begins at at 11am.

The luck of the Irish may come in handy for bracketologists: the NCAA Selection Show for the 2013 March Madness tournament happens today. 68 teams will enter the Big Dance, which begins in earnest on Tuesday. The selection show is scheduled for 6pm Eastern on CBS, pending possible delays from tournament overruns from the afternoon.

Finally, VH1 tries to capture the Jersey Shore mojo with some Boston Irish folks on the new show Wicked Single. This features a slightly older group of partiers approaching the adult world that looms at the age of 30. The program debuts at 11pm.

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