Who won the 2013 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions?
Feb 26 2013 09:31 pm CET

Tuesday featured the finale of the 2013 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Will Kristin Morgan or Keith Whitener be able to overtake Colby Burnett's commanding lead? Who will win the ToC and the $250,000 Grand Prize?

Here are the totals from yesterday:
Keith Whitener: 4800
Kristin Morgan: 400
Colby Burnett: 22000

Colby got off to a rough start, landing in the red as far as -1000 in the first half of the Jeopardy! round. He was up to -400 at the break. Keith built up a solid bankroll thanks to getting the first four of five clues in the category Beastly Expressions. As for the Daily Double, it was hidden under the second-to-last clue of the round in That 1870s Show. Colby found it, but bet conservatively and received only 800 for his correct response. Colby finished third with 2800, Kristin second with 5200, and Keith leading with 5600.

Despite fishing efforts from Colby and Keith, Kristin found the first Daily Double in Cathedrals. She took a risk and bet 6000 and correctly identified Russia's St. Basil's. Colby found the other Daily Double in Unreal Estate. He bet conservatively again, but missed and tied with Kristin at 14000. The two jousted at the end of the round, with Kristin pulling slightly ahead at 15200. Colby finished with 14400 and Keith had 8400. Unfortunately for Keith, he is mathematically eliminated from winning.

The Final Jeopardy category was 19th Century America. The clue:

"One of the 2 years in which 3 men served as President of the United States."

Keith responded "What is 1881?" which was correct. He bet it all and finished with 21600 over two days. Colby responded "What is 1841?" which was the other correct answer. Colby bet nothing, locking him at 36600. Kristin responded incorrectly, putting her in third place. Colby Burnett is the Tournament of Champions Champion. Hopefully he will use his winnings to buy a properly-fitted suit.

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