Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions 2013 Semi-Finals: Day 3 - Who are the ToC finalists?
Feb 22 2013 08:23 pm CET

It's the final match of the semi-finals in the 2013 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Today's game features three contestants who won their quarter-final games. Will it be Paul Nelson, Keith Whitener, or Jason Keller who joins Kristin Morgan and Colby Burnett in the Finals?

The last three contestants of the semi-finals are:

Paul Nelson, Iowa City, IA - Winner Day 1
Keith Whitener, Charlotte, NC - Winner Day 4
Jason Keller, Highland Park, NJ - Winner Day 3

Keith found the Daily Double midway through the first half of the first round, making his True Daily Double wager not-as-risky. Which was good news for him as the clue about AFI Life Achievement Awards stumped him, causing Keith to fall back to 0. He regained some ground, reaching the commercial break with 1000, trailing Paul at 2400 but ahead of Jason with 800. At the start of the second half of the round, Keith started to use his bottom-up strategy in the Gadgets category. The first two clues revealed stumped the contestants, so they avoided the category until the end of the round. The tides shifted by the end of the round, with Jason leading at 4800, Keith still in the middle with 2200 and Paul lagging behind at 800.

Paul opened the second round, but Jason and Keith quickly took control and started fishing for Daily Doubles. Jason struck gold first in the category Scientists and was able to add 4000 to his total, taking him to 11200. The fishing continued, but it was Keith who found the second Daily Double after a slight detour working his way up Drummer for the Band. The audience murmured after he wagered 10000 on Monoliths. You are probably guessing "What is Ayer's Rock?" without the clue and you would have been right. Keith was too and he bounced up to 24600. Paul finally got a chance to play after the Daily Doubles were found, but by then it was too late for him and Jason. With only 6 clues left and none worth more than 800, Keith already had a lock on the game. The last clue of the game was the 400 Drummer clue, which Keith correctly answered and technically gave him a category run. Keith had 34200, Jason had 13200 and Paul had 4000.

Even though it is a formality at this point, here is Final Jeopardy.

Category: Italy
Clue: The Italian word for "shadow" is used as a local variation on the name of this region midway between Rome and Florence.

Jason responded correctly with "What is Umbria?" Keith wrote "What is I love you, Rachel." The audience aww-ed, but Alex said "I hope your wife's name is Rachel." Ten points, Trebek!

Keith Whitener will join Kristin Morgan and Colby Burnett in the two-day Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions final, which begins Monday.

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