Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions 2013 Semi-Finals: Day 2
Feb 21 2013 08:15 pm CET

Thursday featured the second semi-final match for the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Two players had near-runs of categories while the third fished for – and found – a Daily Double at a crucial moment. Who advanced to next week's ToC Final?

Here are the contestants competing for the second slot in next week's ToC Final:

Stephanie Jass, Milan, MI - Wildcard #4
Colby Burnett, Chicago, IL - Winner Day #2
Dan McShane, West Islip, NY - Wildcard #1

The first round got off to a quiet start with very little action before the first commercial break. Making a rare appearance was a category requiring player to travel down the board in The Year That Was. The players avoided the category as long as possible. Colby found the Daily Double hiding in the middle of Organizations, but wagered only $600 despite knowing the March of Dimes originally fought polio. Dan held on to the lead at the end of the round with 7800, followed by Colby with 5600 and Stephanie in a distant third with 1800.

Stephanie closed the gap quickly, with four correct responses in a row in Royal Weddings. Her catchup was short-lived: Colby made some quick cash with a Daily Double in US Geography followed by performing extremely well in a category devoted to the Large Hadron Collider. However, Dan caught the last clue in that category before fishing out the other Daily Double in Directors' Big Screen Farewells. The two men went back and forth, but Colby ended the round ahead with 22000. Dan had 19200 and Stephanie was in a position to play spoiler with 10600.

The Final Jeopardy category was Russian History. Here was the clue:

Launched October 1, 1928, it was brought to a premature end in 1932 amid growing hunger

Stephanie guessed "What is Stalin's Modernization Plan?" which was wrong in the "no vague descriptions" sense. Dan was also wrong with his response of "What is the Pogroms?" Colby responded "What is the 5-Year Plan?" which was correct. Though it doesn't matter, he wagered 16401, which would have locked out Dan anyway. Colby will join Kristin Morgan in the Finals.

Tomorrow's match features Paul Nelson, Jason Keller and Keith Whitener. Who will take the third slot in the Finals?

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