Super Bowl ratings: 164.1 million viewers; Elementary fizzles; Downton Abbey second place
Feb 04 2013 06:13 pm CET

Surprise! Super Bowl XLVII did extremely well in the ratings last night, becoming the third-most watched TV event ever. However, the blackout may have stunted Elementary's growth while Downton Abbey took advantage of the lack of action on the field.

CBS is doing some creative number spinning with last night's Super Bowl XLVII numbers. The figure you will probably see thrown around is 164.1 million people tuning in. This number counts anyone who watched at least six minutes of the broadcast and is not the average viewership. CBS averaged 108.4 million – still an insane number – which makes this the third most-watched US TV event ever, after last year's Super Bowl (#1) and 2011's game (#2).

However, the blackout which caused the game to be delayed for about a half-hour in the third quarter, may have damaged the prime real estate rookie drama Elementary had as the show following the Super Bowl. The program didn't start until 11:11p and only gathered 20.8 million viewers. Though that's twice the size of the show's regular audience, it ranks as the 17th most-watched post-game program, according to BuzzFeed.

The Baltimore Ravens weren't the only winners last night though: Downton Abbey scored a 4.4 rating - meaning 4.4% of all TVs in the country were catching up on the aftermath of last week's big sadness. The blackout, which was still happening at 9pm, plus the lackluster game leading up to that point most likely helped with the ratings boost. The episode ended with over 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Downton Abbey was the number two show of the night.

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