Eurovision 2013: Insignia Introduced and Semi-Final Allocation Draw
Jan 17 2013 08:36 am CET

Major organizational progress for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest was achieved Thursday as the semi-final allocation drawing was held in host city Malmo, Sweden. Also, the insignia and slogan for this year's Contest was official introduced.

The theme for this year's ESC is "We Are One!" symbolized by a prismatic butterfly. The logo can be seen in the graphic above.

However, the big organizational progress came with the semi-final allocation draw held in Malmo. Prior to today's draw, Denmark and Norway had a special drawing to place each country in separate semi-finals, as both will likely have large fan delegations due to the close proximity to the host city. Denmark will compete in the first semi-final on May 14. Norway will compete in the second semi-final on May 16 along with Israel, which asked for placement due to a national holiday.

The other 30 countries not automatically qualified for the Grand Final on May 18 were divided into five pots based on voting history. The drawing then placed each country into one half of one semi-final. The actual running order will be determined by the show producers at a later date.

First Semi-Final - May 14
• Denmark
• Croatia
• Ukraine
• The Netherlands
• Austria
• Slovenia
• Estonia
• Russia

• Lithuania
• Serbia
• Ireland
• Belarus
• Cyprus
• Montenegro
• Belgium
• Moldova
Italy, Sweden and United Kingdom will vote in this Semi-Final

Second Semi-Final - May 16
• Latvia
• Azerbaijan
• Malta
• Iceland
• San Marino
• FYR Macedonia
• Finland
• Bulgaria

• Israel
• Norway
• Albania
• Hungary
• Switzerland
• Georgia
• Greece
• Armenia
• Romania
France, Germany and Spain will vote in this Semi-Final

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