Eurovision 2013: Switzerland sends Heilsarmee to Sweden
Dec 15 2012 04:22 pm CET

Nine acts competed on Switzerland's Entscheidungs Show Saturday for the chance to represent the country at next year's Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden. Heilsarmee won that privilege with the song "You and Me"

The decision was made via a combination of jury and audience voting. The jury featured representatives from Germany, Turkey, Serbia, Sweden, and Italy. Their votes combined with the audience televote selected "You and Me" by Heilsarmee, "Forever & a Day" by Jesse Ritch, and "J'avais Rendez-Vous" by Caroussel as the top three acts. After the advancing acts were reintroduced, Heilsarmee was announced the winner.

Here is the winning track:

"Heilsarmee" literally translates to "Salvation Army," which explains the imagery reminiscent of the charitable organization. It will be interesting to see if any tweaking in name or costume will need to happen before the semi-finals begin.

Last year's entry from Switzerland was "Unbreakable" by Sinplus. They did not advance out of the first semi-final, finishing in 11th place. Switzerland last reached a Eurovision Final in 2011 with "In Love for a While" by Anna Rossinelli, which finished in 25th place.

So far Switzerland and Belarus are the only countries to have selected both song and artist for next year's Contest so far. Belgium will select its song for their representative Roberto Bellarosa Sunday. Spain will announce their singer Monday with a song to be determined later. Lithuania selects song and artist Thursday while Albania and Ukraine select next weekend. The 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö, Sweden on May 14, 16 and 18.

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