Glee Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: Glease
Nov 16 2012 09:56 pm CET

Schue made an announcement to his rag-tag glee club: he's leaving for a while and arriving after sectionals. Finn would be replacing him and while Tina threw a fit (she's still a prop for all these people), Sue stopped the arguments. She was upset with having Finn in charge, because she thought he wasn't certified to teach. Schue said that Finn was "volunteering" for free. Sue explained that she showed mercy, but would be showing hell. We returned to Sue throwing one of those slow motion hissy fits. I'm still not sure why she's not removed because of the fits of rage, but maybe the writers love watching paper slowly flying into the air or Sue has yet another blackmailing device against Figgins.

Cassandra announced that her class must have been sucking so much that upperclassmen were required to bring up their game. Is this specific class this specific year generally this awful or is this an odd curriculum thing that wasn't in the syllabus? I always hated teachers that didn't follow some vague semblance of their syllabi. Rachel obviously was paired up with Brody because it was just perfect that she knew an upperclassman that just happened to be Cassandra's pet. Rachel explained to Brody that she managed to get an audition to an off-Broadway play version of The Glass Menagerie. Cassandra looked evilly at the two and gave advice to Rachel that Ivan, the producer, would rip her a new one. Rachel asked if Cassandra should audition for a role as well as a way to get back in the game. She dismissed Rachel's silly suggestions and then turned Brody into her new Teaching Assistant, some twisted way of Rachel manipulation. I don't get why she's so tough on Rachel, I’m sure there's always a "Rachel" trope arriving as a freshman every year.

Marley tried to fit into her outfits and Tina couldn't close the skirt. Why is Tina still relegated to costuming? I mean it could be something she enjoys, but what happened to her dreams of being the star? Tina called the extra chub stress bloating and tried to make Marley feel better by saying she gets it occasionally as well. Kitty then arrived for her fitting and called Marley fat. It turns out that Kitty manipulated Marley's clothes by closing in the clothes a few inches. She then suggested a girls sleepover with Unique allowed in only because Marley wanted her there.

Marley talked to her mother about her weight issues. Her mother explained that she's been battling weight since high school and emotionally ate after having Marley. Marley thought that maybe she was genetically getting fat as well. Her mother reassured her that she's a beautiful star that had to fight for her figure. The two decided to go on a diet together.

Finn tried to walk into the Teacher's Lounge as Sue immediately tried to reject him. Finn wanted forgiveness for calling her baby "retarded." She thought he had hate in his heart. Since Finn wanted to rehearse in the Auditorium, Sue reserved it for the Cheerios. As if the Cheerios really needed to practice in an auditorium anyway. Why isn't she pestering Beiste these days? Where is Coach Roz? Did she get fired and become a personal assistant to Bryan Collins? If she's talking about "hate in her heart," having a special needs sister and daughter doesn't forgive her of her hateful attitude towards transsexuals.

Sam, Jake, Joe, and Ryder arrived at the Hummel Auto Center as Finn realized he could kill two birds with one stone: 1) Fix a car and 2) Sing "Grease Lightning." Artie and Mike popped up and explained that the guys would be method acting. It has to be a little weird for Sam to be "one of the guys" but be relegated to learning the same way that Jake and Ryder do. Joe didn't see a stage, Finn tried to get them to imagine his routine and like his little rock fantasy, Ryder was immediately in the zone. I find it funny that they replaced the word "Shit" with "Crap" as if replacing poop words really makes a difference. I guess "tits" is even naughtier. My biggest concern is why Mike is even performing in the musicals? Finn was impressed, but hoped to see more in future practices.

Kurt & Rachel started stretching as Kurt got a text from Tina. She noted that Marley was gaining weight and couldn't fit into her costumes. I took the text to be a bit of a Mean Girl attitude, but I'm sure that Tina only wishes the best on Marley, unlike Kitty. Rachel reminded Kurt that it didn't matter if they went to see their old high school buddies. Cassandra walked in and while Kurt was positive about Cassandra's new abs, Cassandra was interestingly approving of the visit. Cassandra suggested they go because it was 1) fun 2) closure 3) Grease 4) A great way of Cassandra trying to make Rachel's life worse somehow. Kurt needed to go, but Rachel admitted that there was no money. Cassandra suggested giving her JetBlue points that she couldn't use because of a temper tantrum in the air.

The Slumber Party. Kitty tried to show Marley all her awards as the rest of the girls arrived with as many sweets as possible. Kitty had a private talk with Marley about making herself vomit. Kitty suggested that the binge and purge was important because of how fat her mother was. Kitty walked out and performed "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" and while Unique seemed upset with things, she danced along near the end. There's a "thank you" for having your friend that you're singing about get you into the slumber party to begin with. It was a cute though to the movie.

Finn had a meeting with Figgins, Wade and his two parents. His two parents seemed proud of his Nationals performances, but they were afraid that Ohio wasn't progressive enough. It didn't help that Unique was being bullied and didn't tell anyone about it (in a very Kurt kind of way). Wade's parents wanted to pull him from performing and stopped him from dressing as Unique during school hours. Finn immediately pegged Sue as the problem. Sue realized that with no Rizzo, there's no show. Finn thought up of the perfect person: Santana. Tina popped up and announced that she could be a great Rizzo and then realized that she was moved into "prop" territory again and she threw another fit.

Rachel and Kurt arrived at McKinley and after reminiscing about their lockers and Mercedes "Bust Your Windows" performance/car destruction, Mercedes walked in and the three reunited for a few seconds. Mercedes explained that she was in UCLA taking classes, singing background vocals, and still talking to Puck. Unfortunately convenient that Mercedes' whole backstory got summed up in one sentence. Kurt and Rachel walked in the backstage area as they awkwardly bumped into Blaine and Finn. The four had a tense conversation as Finn pointed out how weird everything was but was glad that they could see the show.

Kurt was broken as Rachel became his backbone giving him the hugs that he would have to her during the Finn-issue. We watched the "Teen Angel" scene with Blaine singing "Beauty School Dropout." I'm not sure what I was more impressed by: Blaine's performance or Sugar making a perfect Frenchy. This wouldn't be Glee without the awkward tension between Blaine and Kurt during the scene. As he magically found Kurt in the audience. I've been on stage before and unless you know exactly where people are, the lighting would be a challenge to look into a sea of white people. I guess Kurt is really that porcelain and his hair so gravity defying that he sticks out like a gay thumb.

Ryder found Marley trying to purge in the bathroom. I'm just saying: it’s called a scale. She was in tears as Ryder explained the purging backfired on his cousin; turned out that he crapped himself in front of his whole school. I will say Brittany (and Santana) puked in front of their whole school during alcohol awareness and no one thought they were unpopular. Ryder explained that he wouldn't want to kiss a vomit smelling girl and tried to cheer her up. Marley sang "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)." I assume worst case scenario, she would have to sing the same lines but in front of the audience only a few minutes later.

Santana talked to Brittany (who still confuses Unique and Mercedes) and while the two don't have the tension like Finn/Rachel or Blaine/Kurt, Santana just wanted to visit. Santana admitted that she had the Rizzo attitude, but Brittany suggested that she put emotion in her voice by channeling her own emotions. It hit Santana a little right before the performance. Of course we couldn't have a perfect Santana performance as it was ruined by odd vocal cuts. The performance shifted to Cassandra dancing with Brody and then the two kissed. I assume more happened afterwards. To shoehorn all the storylines a few lines had to be sung by Wade who would have originally performed anyway.

Mike had a moment to talk to Tina; he wanted to get back with her after seeing her passion and dedication. The two decided to talk things out after the play. Ryder finally saw Marley looking beautiful as "Bad Sandy." Kitty of course popped up with some story about an important critic in the audience to make her nervous. Really though, did it really matter about how a Lima, Ohio High School play would turn out? Ryder tried to reassure a teary Marley and then stole a kiss to give her some confidence. Jake looked on and angrily wandered off.

The show switched over to the big "You're the One that I Want" sequence, fun house and all. It seemed interesting enough that Jake was motivated enough to perform and keep his emotions bottled up. Finn and Rachel both had their fantasy moment where they thought they were in the performance. Of course that meant that Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blaine, and Tina/Mike all had their "we make the perfect couple" moment but for extra shiggles Unique was there getting to be Unique on the fantasy stage.

Rachel had to storm off as she decided to call Brody. Cassandra picked up the phone as she explained that Brody and she did things that were naughty. If Brody is that easily swayed, he's not worth it Rachel. Rachel wondered why and Cassandra called it a "life lesson" where she was overreaching and she was being over privileged. Rachel gave us an ugly cry face.

Finn bumped into Rachel in the hallways and knew she was crying. She explained that it was too weird to be here. Finn tried to be mature and admitted that Rachel was her "moose" as a joke to lighten her spirits. I'm over Finn, but Ryder doing the same exact Finn act is okay with me because it's still very high school for him and Marley. She still decided not to talk about the situation as Finn realized that it's Brody by the way she was crying. The two tried to make sure that there was no contact between the two of them ever. Rachel was saddened and confused as Kurt butted in to dismiss his brother-in-Law to the choir room. Rachel admitted that McKinley didn't feel like home anymore.

Blaine tried to stop Kurt to have a discussion, but unlike the Rachel/Finn show where we could get hours of the two talking, Kurt cut him off in five seconds. Kurt talked about trust and how he couldn't trust Blaine anymore. Kurt quickly grabbed Rachel and left. Five bucks says that Blaine and Kurt will somehow get back together by the Christmas episode.

The rest of the Glee Club arrived as the extreme critique guy gave the group an amazing review. Turns out he's a sophomore. Schue talked to the group knowing that not only was he proud, but that Finn was going to do a great job.

Finn talked to Schue as the two awkwardly walked down the hallways, in some sense a bit like a father and son. Schue tried to suggest opening sectionals with a ballad, but Finn reassured him that everything was in capable hands. Wait, why don't National Champions get at least a bye past Sectionals?

Next Week: Superhero-based Glee as Blaine may get converted into a Warbler.

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