The X Factor Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: Who are the Top 16 acts?
Oct 17 2012 10:01 pm CET

On Wednesday's episode of The X Factor we find out 10 of the 16 acts advancing to the live shows. Britney Spears picks her four teens and LA Reid selects his four over 25s. However, a baseball rain delay interrupts Demi Lovato's announcement of her four young adults. What a mess.

Tonight's recap is going to be fairly straight-forward – the baseball rain delay in St Louis pushed the program back 40 minutes on the East Coast and, frankly, there's only 16 pieces of information we're all interested in. Here it goes:

Britney Spears and the Teens

Diamond White: Britney tells her that her mind has changed about Diamond, but she needs to get over her nervousness. Diamond will be going to the live shows.

Carly Rose Sonenclar: Britney calls Carly's JH performance stunning, but this show is not just about the voice. Carly needs to bring the charisma and fortitude to the live shows in a couple weeks.

Arin Ray: Britney praises Arin's charisma and confidence, but he might not outshine his competitors. We'll see if he proves Britney wrong in the live shows.

James Tanner: I forgot that James was in this group, so that does not bode well. Britney says there were good things about his performance. She praises his persona, but thinks there are a number of technical issues he needs to work on. James is going home.

Reed Demming: Britney says Reed had a good performance with lots of confidence, but she thinks he lacks vocal training in the voice. Reed is told he is going home.

Beatrice Miller: Britney thought previous performances were better, but asks if Beatrice thinks she has what it takes. Beatrice says she is. Britney takes Beatrice to the live shows.

LA Reid and the Over 25s

David Correy: LA likes David's energy and voice, but he's concerned if David can be a number one artist in today's pop culture environment. LA can only take four acts with him, and David will be one of them.

Daryl Black: LA likes Daryl, seeing parts of himself in the singer. LA doesn't see the fire and tells Daryl this is where the journey ends. Daryl says he respects LA, but thinks the producer made a mistake.

Jason Brock: Before getting his news, Jason found out he lost his tech support job. Way to raise the stakes, show. LA tells Jason he has a strong voice and is a fan. LA wonders if Jason can become a massive star. We'll see if he does when he performs on the X Factor stage. Yay!

Tate Stevens: LA remembered Tate's first audition and how impressive it was. LA also noticed that people really pull for Tate when he performs, despite his lack of confidence. Tate should do well on the live shows once he builds up his confidence. Let's hope.

Tara Simon: Tara says she has had a lot of auditions where she was told no when it should have been yes. She's going to have a Stacy Francis type relationship with the internet, I'm guessing. LA says he loves her competitive nature, but will she actually be able to compete? LA says he lost sleep over this decision, but Tara will be going home.

Vino Alan: Vino says he gets judges by his looks every day and surprises people when he sings. Vino's voice is gut-wrenching, but packaging is going to be a challenge. Vino has made it through to the live shows. He promises not to let LA down.

Demi Lovato and the Young Adults

Jennel Garcia: Demi thinks she has an incredible voice, but has concerns. First, she is insecure and needs to remember job one is to entertain. Demi has decided to bring Jennel to the live shows.

Willie Jones: Demi starts by saying Willie is completely unique and unexpected, but he seems to have an inner battle between his country side and his R&B side. Demi thinks he might be able to blend the styles at some point, which could lead to some interesting mashups once the live shows get started.

…um. And then The Mindy Project starts. Sadly, Mindy Kaling is not in Demi's final four, which I think is a HUGE mistake. Anyway, the rain delay ended and Fox truly fumbled tonight's airing. The show will air in its entirety next Tuesday. What a mess.

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