Monday TV: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, Single Ladies, Push Girls, GOP Convention?
Aug 27 2012 09:30 am CET

Summer season finales continue today, with VH1's Single Ladies and Sundance's Push Girls wrapping up for the time being. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has a reunion while the Republican Party's reunion gets delayed thanks to Isaac. Here's what's on (and not on) TV Monday.

VH1 has a full slate with its reality-based primetime schedule. At 8pm, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will have its first half of the two-part reunion special. At 9pm, Single Ladies will finish its second season.

Also wrapping up tonight is the critically well-received Push Girls. This series tracks the lives of four moderately successful women who happen to be paralyzed. The Sundance Channel renewed the series for a second season last week. Tonight's finale airs at 10pm.

Finally, a program note. There is a question mark on the schedule tonight thanks to the Republican National Convention and Tropical Storm Isaac. Though the storm is no longer expected to affect Tampa, the first day of the convention has been cancelled. PBS and the cable news networks had planned on offering coverage and highlights of the event, so it's not clear what the networks will be doing to fill the time.

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