Friday TV: A Chance to Dance, Boss, Real Time With Bill Maher
Aug 17 2012 10:43 am CET

Tonight's new television is saved for later in the evening. Nigel Lythgoe expands his dance portfolio with the new series A Chance to Dance. Boss returns for a sophomore season. And Real Time With Bill Maher is back on the clock. Here's what's on TV Friday.

First up, if you watched this week's So You Think You Can Dance you met the Ballet Boyz, who will be starring in the new series A Chance to Dance. Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt have been tasked with creating a new dance company in just four weeks. A cross-country tour will feature auditions until the company is assembled for a live performance in New York City. The show debuts on Ovation at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific.

If you are in the mood for scripted drama, the political machine saga Boss returns for a second season tonight. Mayor Kane celebrates the groundbreaking for the airport terminal, but his health is still a cause for concern. Find out what happens at 10pm on Starz.

Finally, Real Time With Bill Maher is back just in time for the 2012 Election. Tonight's guests include Chelsea Handler, Mark Cuban, columnist Reihan Salam, and journalist Alex Wagner. The program begins at 11pm on HBO.

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