Sunday TV: Shirley MacLaine, Army Wives, Great Escape, The Newsroom
Jun 24 2012 10:30 am CET

Tonight's television features a celebration of the work of Shirley MacLaine, the return of Army Wives, the debut of Great Escape, and Aaron Sorkin's return to television with The Newsroom. Here's what's on TV Sunday.

First up, TVLand will air the presentation of The AFI Life Achievement Award 2012 to Shirley MacLaine. MacLaine, who will be joining the cast of Downton Abbey next season, is the 40th recipient of the honor. Meryl Streep, Barbra Streisand and Warren Beatty will take part in the celebration. The special airs at 9pm.

Lifetime welcomes back its military drama Army Wives for the second half of its sixth season. The show will be crossing the 100-episode mark next month. Tonight's return airs at 10pm.

If you are jonesing for some Amazing Race-type reality programming, you may want to check out TNT's new series Great Escape. Each week, teams have to break out of a famous location and evade capture in an effort to win a cash prize. Tonight's episode takes place in San Francisco as the the teams make their escapes from Alcatraz. The show premieres at 10pm.

Finally, the main attraction in TV criticism circles tonight is the debut of Aaron Sorkin's new drama The Newsroom. This program takes place at a cable news network in 2010, where the network decides to produce the fairest newscast possible. Will this be the next West Wing or the next Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip? Find out at 10pm on HBO.

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