Thursday TV: Richard Dawson tribute, Take Me Out, The Choice, Saving Hope, Cajun Justice
Jun 07 2012 10:09 am CET

Today features the career of Richard Dawson, two new dating shows on Fox, a Canadian drama import on NBC, and a visit to Louisiana on Cajan Justice. Here's what's on TV Thursday.

First up, GSN will pay tribute to Richard Dawson, who passed away over the weekend. The Family Feud host, March Game expert, and kisser of ladies will be celebrated with a marathon of programming beginning at 4pm. Hopefully this will be included:

In a somewhat related theme, Fox will be debuting two new dating shows tonight. First at 8pm, George Lopez hosts the British import Take Me Out, where one guy tries to impress 30 women in the hopes of winning a date. That is, as long as the women don't all opt out after seeing how he presents himself. Then at 9pm, Cat Deeley hosts the celebrity dating game The Choice, where four celebrity bachelors sit in spinning chairs and decide if they want to date a contestant based solely on her voice. That sounds a lot like some other show I've seen…oh yeah, The Dating Game.

If you are looking for a show with more seriousness, you can catch the pilot for Saving Hope. This drama is about a comatose surgeon whose spirit wanders around the hospital, observing what happens in other rooms while his doctors work to save his life. The show premieres at 9pm on NBC.

Finally, A&E has a new entry in the quirky employment genre with the show Cajun Justice. This series documents the daily travails of a sheriff's department in southern Louisiana. Tonight features back-to-back episodes beginning at 10pm.

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