Tuesday TV: The Catalina, The Jubilee Queen With Katie Couric, Design Star
May 29 2012 08:42 am CET

There's quite a bit of variety on television tonight. The CW looks at life in hotels on The Catalina, Katie Couric visits the Queen's Jubilee in the UK, and Design Star is back for a seventh season. Here's what's on TV Tuesday.

First up, the CW continues its experimentation with summer programming with the new series The Catalina. This show takes a behind-scenes-look of Miami's Catalina Hotel and the hijinks its staff gets up to. Tonight's premiere takes place during Spring Break (WOOOOO!). The show starts at 8pm, followed by the season one finale of The LA Complex at 9pm.

The other notable premiere tonight is the return of HGTV's Design Star. Season seven kicks off with the twelve competitors working in pairs to give their home-away-from-home a makeover. The show starts at 9pm.

Finally, ABC heads over to the United Kingdom for a special edition of 20/20 to celebrate The Jubilee Queen With Katie Couric. Can you believe that Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 60 years? Tonight's two-hour special features a profile of Her Majesty, interviews with the Princes and Princesses of the Royal Family, and a tour of Buckingham Palace. The show begins when Big Ben strikes two (that would be 9pm for those of us on this side of the Atlantic).

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