Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Spain - Pastora Soler - Quedate Conmigo
May 15 2012 01:16 pm CET

Spain will try to turn its luck around at the Eurovision Song Contest with the ballad "Quedate Conmigo" by Pastora Soler. Though the vocal performance is strong, will this ballad be able to outshine the competition?

Country: Spain
Title: "Quedate Conmigo" ("Stay With Me")
Artist: Pastora Soler
Final: Position 19
Last year's entry/position: "Que Me Quitten Lo Ballao" - Lucia Perez (23rd Place)

"Quedate Conmigo" by Pasotra Soler is the first entry in years from Spain that has actually caught my interest. Initially this song did not leave much of an impression but it has grown on me in the last few weeks, which is the sort of build a Eurovision contender wants. The video helps, creating a sense of a memorable So You Think You Can Dance performance. Take a look:

Spain drew the wildcard again this year and once again selected the running order position of the previous year's winner: 19. I think this was a mistake, particularly with how ballad-heavy this year's field is. There is an advantage to being late in the running order, and I think this song would fare better in position 24 or 25. Luck does seem to be on Spain's side, as Germany drew slot 20, so Spain only has to be concerned by what precedes it.

There are a few entries that could prove to be headaches for Spain. Romania's Spanish-language entry is going to be one of the powerhouses coming out of the first semi-final, with the mood of the televoters determining how they cast their votes during the Final. From the second semi-final, Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina could cause major vote-splitting with Spain. Also, if either entry lands in slot 18, it is going to cause an audiovisual blur.

I could see "Quedate Conmigo" scoring well with the juries, but the televoters will be a wildcard for this song. I don't think a Top 10 finish is out of the question, but Spain will need a little more luck if they want to crack the Top 5.

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