Survivor One World Recap: Perception is not always Reality
May 13 2012 10:57 pm CET

After the experiment of One World kind of fizzled pretty easily after the men and women stuck together. While the men won a lot of challenges, it was really Colton that made any moves possible. The tribe switch didn't really help until Colton was medevac’d. The merge caused the men to fall apart and with the help of Tarzan the men were swept. We're down to the tactical Sabrina, the strategic Kim, the underdog Christina, the charismatic Chelsea, and the brash Alicia.

We get a fill intro as if they had the thing existing the whole season and they only used it at the end?

Tikiano returned after night 36 and the women were a bit nonchalant about Tarzan's elimination. The five women were happy about their evolution from desperate to confident. Kim wanted to finish strong, while Alicia was convinced that she was the one that chucked Tarzan. Alicia was hoping her alliance of Christina and Kim would keep strong.

It was morning and the girls got a tree mail. This allowed Sabrina and Kim to talk a bit, knowing that they should ditch Chelsea because of her knowledge of talking about her. Sabrina didn't know about having "honor" and keeping the three. Kim suggested a three of herself/Sabrina/Christina. The group opened up their tree mail that was an immunity challenge with a bit of mental and physical strength. Alicia hoped that Chelsea wouldn't win.

The girls arrived at their immunity challenge and it looked like a doosey. The girls would have a rope puzzle, finish a balance beam maze, a rope net, a long puzzle, and a set of coordinates to unlock their flag. I found it fair that all the women were left considering that women are better with beam balance. As the challenge began, Christina and Kim got a small lead on the maze but both fell and had to start over. Both Alicia and Chelsea found the exit as a pair and unknotted their puzzles bags. Alicia unknowingly unknotted several bags that weren't her color allowing both Christina and Kim who to gain a bit of time. The girls started working on their puzzles with only about five minutes between each other. With a little bit of time, both Kim and Alicia finished their puzzles but it was down to counting things on their puzzles. Kim got up to the lock and missed her combination several times. It allowed Alicia to try and she failed both turned around and recounted. Kim had another attempt as Chelsea and Alicia tried again. After some drama Kim won again.

The girls returned to camp and after the general celebrations and congratulations for Kim, Kim's options were everywhere. Chelsea talked to Kim and suggested taking out Alicia that night. Kim's other option was to get rid of Chelsea. Chelsea tried to sell herself as weak and herself as "lucky." Chelsea was convinced that Kim has been honest with her the whole season. Chelsea suggested getting the idol from Kim. Kim proceeded to talk to Sabrina and agreed with her to get rid of Alicia. Alicia wanted to calm down and keep that she's safe. Christina continued to blindly follow Alicia and Kim.

The five women arrived at tribal and Alicia opened the questioning by mentioning that everyone seemed quiet and didn't have to scramble as much. Chelsea agreed about how quiet everything was pointing out a this versus that questioning. There's paranoia, but no one was celebrating. There were a lot of criteria to think about involving threats and loyalty. Kim thought that she could play full strategy, but she knew that emotions would come into play. Jeff allowed the girls to put one more final word and no one had real last words. This baffled Jeff completely. Chelsea pointed out that this was the only moment where she could gain or lose respect. It was time to vote and after the tally Kim didn't play her hidden immunity idol. The vote was 3-2 for Alicia. Kat made some utterances about "backstabbing" but at this point, everyone is backstabbed in one form or another. Alicia knew that she made mistakes, but Alicia wasn't a sore loser. Except for the fact that she pointed out that Christina survived because of Alicia's help.

The four women returned and Kim asked for forgiveness that she would be in the final three. Christina knew that she was outwitted and she's on the outside. She tried to sell herself as a coattail rider. Both Kim and Chelsea were crossing their fingers that Christina wouldn't win the final challenge. The two realized that Christina is the obvious choice. In the morning Christina got the mail and decided that she should go full throttle in this last game. Kim and Sabrina decided to make sure that Christina played the final challenge would be preceded by the traditional fallen comrades.

The girls went through and talked positives about each of the contestants. Matt still was a bit delusional thinking he was a "good player." The girls knew that the game would have changed completely if Colton was; the only relieving factor was that Colton called himself a bitch. Eventually the girls set fire to their comrades.

After what seemed like the longest commercial, possibly because I zoned out during the fallen comrades section, the final four arrived at their immunity challenge. The final challenge fell under the balance category. It was a non-electric version of putting the ring through the maze at carnivals. In this sense it was all clay pots balancing on top of a spring. Even if the girls hit the maze, there was no "buzzing" but slight wavering of the whole structure. Kim took an early lead and didn't seem to have any issues. Both Christina and Chelsea were in the second spots, but with Kim stumbling, Christina caught up. Sabrina was too far behind to even catch up. We fast forwarded to Kim and Christina at bowl eight, their towers wavering wildly. The wind became a factor as Christina’s whole structure wavered. Christina's bowls were wavering too much that it allowed Kim to finish the challenge with ease. She had her fourth individual immunity.

The women returned to their camp and while dramatic music was playing in the background Kim was happy about her position. Christina tried to talk to Kim and was convinced that it was her. Christina seemed too realistic about her chances when Kim was like "here's your consolation prize." She decided to just make the best of a bad situation and not scramble. Kim talked to Chelsea and the two were pretty shocked about how easily she keeled over.

At tribal council Jeff pointed out that Kim was the only one safe and she pointed out how quiet everything was; Sabrina agreed. Jeff pointed out that it was too obvious that a person wasn't safe and Christina chimed in. Christina knew her angles but knew everything was too tight to break an alliance of four. Sabrina tried to emphasize perception and in the background Kat noted how Sabrina's great speaking. Christina continued to stumble her way through answers as Kim pointed out how blurry everything could be. The vote went through and Jeff collected and read the votes. The vote was obviously Christina in a 3-1 decision. Christina claimed to be happy to be in the final four, but she was proud to be where she was.

Day 39. Sabrina stared at the sunrise in tears because it finally it her that she made it to the final; she was just blessed to be there. She was laid off recently as a teacher and she just wanted her children to take a chance. She had to put on her game-face as the sun rose higher. The women picked up their celebratory food and Chelsea was honest that she was shocked to be in the final three; she admitted that it wasn't the money she was going for. That was pretty good because on paper, she's the weakest talker. Kim admitted to being divorced and realized that her decision-making skills have given her more confidence.

We quickly arrived at the final Tribal Council and the three made their opening statements. Chelsea stood up and tried to explain that she was in a pair, but at the merge she tried to say that she became a real game-player with a cold-heart. Kim (still sitting down) emphasized how she played this game like poker, playing hard, but was a proud strategic player and tried to make people look like it was a game. Sabrina's strategy was to play with balance, because she skillfully stepped back both physically and socially so that she wouldn't be a target. She then had the story of how she was laid off.

Jonas began with a silly joke about being called "master Jonas," he noted how Sabrina sucked at challenges, Chelsea was cute but wanted an answer of what her biggest move was. Chelsea thought taking out Kat was the biggest. Kim was asked why Christina wasn't saved; she thought that playing the "best game" was the most important.

Christina asked Kim who she would take out if Christina was still playing. Kim said she'd vote out Chelsea. Christina then asked why Chelsea hated people; she replied by thinking without her heart.

Jay questioned Sabrina about "taking it easy" too much even in camp. Sabrina noted that she's overbearing in the real world so she observed; she also admitted to being a poor swimmer.

Big Mike asked Kim what a blindside was. Kim gave him a textbook definition and emphasized that she had Mike eliminated because of Troyzan. Mike admitted that Kim took all the blame for the blindsides.

Tarzan thanked God for his adventure on the show. He then thanked the girls for him letting his wife visit. Tarzan then was proud to have his wife at the beach. Chelsea popped up and told Tarzan how moved she was for looking a partner just like Tarzan's relationship.

Leif wanted to work out his feelings and wanted closure. Kim admitted how much she couldn't vote with Leif because she couldn't trust him. Sabrina knew it was Leif going, but she was too hurt to tell him that he had to go.

Alicia asked Kim about how she played similar games and Alicia was convinced that she was good at the game. She then praised Kim and sat back down.

Troyzan was up and congratulated the three. His beef was on Kim and asked her directly about when Kim made the move to get rid of Troyzan. Kim admitted that by getting rid of Jonas, it was Troyzan's downfall.

Kat ended the game and admitted to being upset (watch her Ponderosa video, it's intense). She was still distraught about being eliminated by Kim. Kat admitted to having two open-heart surgeries and needing more for children. She didn't have time to be angry and wanted vote for the best. She pleaded to the jury to not vote with anger in their hearts.

The vote began and the only votes we got to see were Troyzan (for Sabrina) and Kat (for Kim). Jeff grabbed the votes and disappeared to the back, reappearing from some random stage side behind the jury. Jeff read off the votes as: Kim, Sabrina, Kim, Sabrina, Kim, Kim, and Kim; this basically meant that Kim won in a 7-2 vote (it seemed like the other vote was Leif). She immediately ran to her family and hugged them. Kim got her winning montage and was all in smiles. She admitted to trying to play the best social game.

Tarzan talked like he was still speaking with the game afoot; his great relationship with his wife was still smile-worthy. Kat claimed to be silly because she wasn't afraid of being herself; her heart is fine. Alicia's "special needs" quote gave her bad feedback and she cried to try winning America back.

Troyzan was still outplayed. Leif was under the pressure of the vertically challenged community. Monica was happy to have a moment outside of her NFL husband's shadow. Bill's also doing stand-up and considers it a "real" job. Christina was surprised about being a target of bullying and still found contestants to be good people.

The Sprint Player of the Season was down to Kim, Tarzan, Troyzan, and Chelsea. The winner was Kim in a clear sweep. Troyzan's face was priceless.

Next season takes place in the Philippines and while I'm happy to hear about the return of former contestants, I'm more excited that it isn't Colton.

Finally, which street does Jeff walk down that people talk to him about this show?

Finally, which street does Jeff walk down that people talk to him about this show?

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