Glee Recap: Prom-A-Saurus
May 08 2012 09:57 pm CET

Rachel explained how her dream died and now was convinced that she felt different and her dreams were more realistic. She explained that now as she will no longer get to walk the Tony Red Carpet, she'd have to focus on prom (and eventually her wedding). Rachel fell back getting to marry the dim-witted man of her dreams. Rachel headed to the background talked to Becky, but even Becky called her a loser because she was convinced that she would win Prom Queen.

Figgins talked to Brittany and apparently Brittany has never done anything and has been failing classes. I guess Santana hasn't helped her with a song about Spain recently. Brittany explained that she didn't want her legacy and was basically forced to rehabilitate herself. Brittany talked to the apparent Prom committee and they suggested "Castles in the clouds" and while Brittany rejected the idea; she called them incompetent fools and decided that dinosaurs was the theme. As president she fired the group including a girl that Brittany thought was Rachel.

Sue welcomed the group in that wonderful Grease way. Rick the stick, Brittany, Finn Hudson and Prom Queen were: Missy, Santana, and Quinn. Becky stormed off upset.

Rachel wasn't upset about not being nominated, yet another thing she was rejected from. Schue announced that New Directions would be performing again and Brittany announced the theme to the New Directions. She pointed out that Santana and Quinn would vote for each other. Brittany then announced that hair gel was not allowed.

Rachel walked past a sign that had Finn and Quinn for prom king and queen. Rachel was hurt because Quinn was on the poster and while Rachel was upset, Finn pointed out that Finn got in an accident for them.

Joe and Quinn were at rehab and Quinn was making strides that she could walk. Quinn made a few steps, but she wasn't ready to get up until she was ready. Joe was convinced that she was going to dance.

Becky, in her British voice, was convinced that she was still the queen. She was upset threw a fit at the xylophones and the cafeteria lines. Sue pointed out that she didn't have the votes. Sue apparently made her deputy guard, but Becky wasn't having any of it. She then destroyed another xylophone.

Rachel performed "Big Girls Don't Cry" while Kurt walked in to help, followed by Blaine (who apparently can't leave Kurt's step). I'm assuming the song was supposed to be a cheer up song, but I couldn't get past the "relationship" part of the song. Blaine thought the song was a downer as well, but Rachel thought it was the emotions. Kurt was convinced that he couldn't go again. He was humiliated. Blaine was also convinced his hair would look stupid without gel. Rachel thought about making an anti-prom party at a hotel. Puck realized that with his failing he was bound for another prom, so he joined the anti-prom. Santana pointed out that Rachel choked and needed to step up and stop being petty.

Quinn talked to Finn and laughed because the two went full circle. One of the prom committee girls we met (the one that thought castles could actually float on clouds) talked to Quinn about how she deserved to win; Quinn used her manipulative happenstance to get the votes. Finn thought it was sympathy votes and Quinn would take whatever she wanted.

Mike and Tina arrived at prom and Mike was totally won over by the dinosaurs. Somehow Brittany managed to find an actual dinosaur song. I loved the weird dinosaur heads that vaguely had their arms moving around. Sue talked to Finn for a bit about her wonderful drink, but Finn was really looking for Quinn. Finn arrived at the bathroom and Quinn was standing up. Finn realized that she was lying the whole time and felt stupid because Finn picked the wrong person again. Quinn was the same old bitchy Quinn trying to get her way.

Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Puck and Becky were ready to party. Becky was a bit out of control. Clearly the five weren't having fun at all. Santana performed "Love You like a Love Song" and Mercedes was back with Sam, while her ex had someone else. Poor Mike was stuck dancing by the punch table because Tina was on stage. Did we forget he could kinda sing? Finn and Quinn tried to dance but Finn decided to scream at her. Joe got upset and tried to defend Quinn and after a few pushes and Sue getting in the way, Finn stormed off.

Becky was still crazy, Blaine was still upset about not having gel in his hair. I'm still not exactly sure why though. Finn arrived and Rachel opened the door and was happy to find her Finny-poop there. Finn thought that prom sucked without everyone there. Blaine and Kurt were in, but Puck was convinced that he'd just go next year.

Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine arrived and Brittany rejected Blaine; he left and got changed. The rest of the New Directions boys created their inner One Direction. While I do think that Rory and Sam actually had hair gel in their hair, especially when Sam ran his fingers through his hair and it got a little stuck, I'm sure the rule only actually applied to Blaine.

Puck was almost naked and Becky was generally upset about not being Prom queen. Puck had an idea, creating the Anti-Prom king and Queen. The two looked a little silly but Becky seemed generally happy about succeeding about something.

Quinn talked to Rachel and Rachel apologized to Quinn about how she freaked out. Rachel pointed out that Quinn was the dream girl; she still sees Quinn that way and Quinn was apparently humble and inspiring. They were still friends and Rachel actually voted for Quinn.

After Tina got a minor line about drinking, Becky arrived with Puck and their crowns on their head. Sue just had a small smile the whole time. Becky managed to distract Sue for a second which allowed Puck to spike her drink. Santana and Quinn had a talk together about voting. The two talked about how they were popular and got a chance to actually make a difference.

After a commercial break, Blaine arrived and had really poofy hair, kind of looking like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother, and Kurt was actually proud of his boyfriend. Figgins arrived and announced that the snakes have been removed from the bathrooms. Figgins announced each nominee and each got up. Kurt went up and helped crown Finn as Prom King. Figgins then announced that Rachel had won Prom Queen. There was genuine shock on Rachel's face and a bit of relief on Kurt's. The two danced to "Take My Breath Away" and while #Finchel had their moment together. Tina was in tears because of the whole year being so moving. During the last few seconds, Quinn was up on her feet and had everyone shocked. The whole prom basically reaffirmed to Rachel that anything was possible.

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