Sunday TV: Comedy Awards, Good Luck Charlie, Amazing Race, Sherlock, GCB
May 06 2012 10:55 am CET

Let the homestretch of the 2011-12 season begin! Tonight's TV features the finales of The Amazing Race and GCB, while Good Luck Charlie and Sherlock return to the schedule. Here's what's on TV Sunday night.

First up, Good Luck Charlie returns for a third season on the Disney channel with back-to-back episodes. Amy, now with child, decides its time for a bigger house while the kids have some social problems at school. The show begins at 8pm.

Over on CBS, The Amazing Race reaches the finish line with a two-hour episode. The Final Four will have to survive a Japanese game show en route to Honolulu where the finish line and $1 million await. Find out what happens at 8pm and see what Michael has to say about it in his recap later tonight.

Comedy Central kicks off the summer awards season with the second annual Comedy Awards airing at 9pm. This special, recorded in late April, celebrates the year in comedy. Jon Stewart will present the Johnny Carson Award for Comedic Excellence to the legendary Don Rickles while Robin Williams will accept the Stand-Up Icon Award.

My main recommendation tonight is the return of the BBC series Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery! Tonight's installment is the modern retelling of A Scandal in Belgravia. If you haven't experienced the awesomeness of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson (respectively), the first series is streaming on Netflix. The premiere is scheduled for 9pm, but check your local PBS listings.

Finally, GCB wraps up its first season tonight on ABC. There's a groundbreaking ceremony for the new condos, but things don't go according to plan. Also, Amanda discovers new information about Ripp. The show airs at 10pm

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