Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Belgium - Iris - Would You
May 05 2012 10:48 am CET

Belgium will try to turn around its bad luck in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Would You" by Iris. However, the country western-infused track and singer are mismatched, which, coupled with its placement in the running order, could cause problems.

Country: Belgium
Title: "Would You"
Artist: Iris
Semi-Final: First, Position 8
Last year's entry/position: "With Love Baby" - Witloof Bay (DNQ, 11th Place, Second SF)

Belgium has struggled mightily in the Eurovision Song Contest since its only win in 1986. Only three entries since then have finished in the Top 10, while Tom Dice's entry in 2010 is the only entry to earn a spot in the Final since semi-finals were introduced (2004's entry reached the Final thanks to a Bye from a 2nd Place finish in 2003). Unfortunately, I don't think "Would You" by Iris will make the Top 26 this year.

There are a number of problems with this entry, many of them involving Iris. The video above is from the song selection national final. Perhaps this is due to there not being an audience in the studio, but Iris looks incredibly uncomfortable performing this song. Her gestures are awkward, she's pulling faces in some poorly selected closeup shots, and she doesn't seem to know where to direct her song. These are all problems that can be fixed with practice and the energy of a live audience.

However, there is a structural problem to this entry that Iris cannot fix: this song is better suited for a male. Lyrically it makes more sense for this to be sung from a man's point of view. Although this works well as a country western track, it seems better suited for the voice of Tim McGraw or John Rich, not Shania Twain or Faith Hill or whoever Iris is trying to emulate.

Belgium also landed in an unfortunate spot in the running order. The song is in the middle, preceded by Switzerland's lackluster rock track and followed by Finland's gorgeous but unimpressive ballad. This is the dead zone of the first semi-final and all three entries are going to have trouble keeping the attention of televoters. If Iris delivers a strong performance, the juries may reward her but I don't think that will be enough to get the song into the Final.

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