Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Slovenia - Eva Boto - Verjamem
May 04 2012 01:15 pm CET

Slovenia's entry "Verjamem" by Eva Boto has been compared to 2007 Eurovision Song Contest winner "Molitva." But is the Slovenian song too much of a paint-by-numbers entry to stand out from a ballad-heavy field?

Country: Slovenia
Title: "Verjamem" ("I Believe")
Artist: Eva Boto
Semi-Final: Second, Position 9
Last year's entry/position: "No One" - Maja Keuc (13th Place)

Slovenia has opted to go the full-on pageant route with its entry "Verjamem" by Eva Boto. Here is the performance from the national selection final:

It is interesting to note that of the six former Yugoslavian republics participating in this year's contest, this is the only one that is not an internal selection. Also, of the six, "Verjamem" is the one that seems most manufactured for Eurovision. Contrast it with Croatia's entry, which is a single off of Nina Badric's album. Slovenia is providing a test case for internal vs. public selections, which is important in terms of how the Contest wants to structure itself in the future.

That's not to say this entry has a smooth ride into the Final. As soon as "Verjamem" won the ticket to Baku, it was being described on Twitter as the Slovenian "Molitva" – Serbia's ESC-winning entry from 2007. The comparison is not unfounded, as the two songs share a writer. However, should a song so similar in style and tone win the Contest again, particularly when only five years have passed?

Of the five FYR entries in this year's second semi-final, I think this will rank the lowest but should still make it into the Final. Not only do I expect that to hold true in the Final, but when compared with the entries from Azerbaijan and Spain, this ballad is going to have a difficult time standing out in the field. Slovenia finished in the middle of the pack last year, and I would not be surprised or disappointed if the country has a similar finish this year.

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