Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Cyprus - Ivi Adamou - La La Love
May 03 2012 02:06 pm CET

Cyprus is in it to win it this year with "La La Love" by Ivi Adamou. Though the song has only minor obstacles to overcome in the first semi-final, there are many stars that will need aligning for this entry to go all the way to a Eurovision Song Contest victory.

Country: Cyprus
Title: "La La Love"
Artist: Ivi Adamou
Semi-Final: First, Position 12
Last year's entry/position: "San Aggelos S'agapisa" - Christos Mylordos (DNQ, 18th Place Second SF)

Cyprus has its eyes on its best finish ever with this year's entry "La La Love" by Ivi Adamou. Since the semi-final format was introduced in 2004, the island country has made it to the Final only 3 times (the second time in 2005 was thanks to a bye for finishing 5th in 2004). The song is about as Europop as you can get while remaining tasteful. Take a listen:

Although this song is a heavy favorite – it is the most-watched video on Eurovision's YouTube channel – there are some obstacles that caused problems in last year's contest which may haunt this entry. First, "La La Love" is reminiscent of Israel's entry "Ding Dong", which did not make it into last year's final. In fairness, that song competed in a far more challenging field than Cyprus will face in a few weeks. The other issue is what I call the Emmy problem. From what I can tell, Adamou has not given a fully live performance of this song, offering only lip-sync performances at various events. This makes me nervous because it throws into question whether or not Ivi will be able to deliver onstage in Baku. On the other hand, maybe her performance will be so perfect that heads will explode upon hearing the melody.

However, this song is much better than Emmy's entry, so my concern is minimal. The song is one of the legitimate entries in the first semi-final, so I would be shocked if it did not advance. What Cyprus will need to be aware of in the Final is placement in the running order. If this song gets placed alongside Italy, Sweden or Ukraine, there could be a battle for attention from televoters. As the video demonstrates, there is a lot of potential for a strong stage performance, which could only benefit Cyprus.

Can this song win the Contest? If there is sufficient backlash against Sweden and the public chooses this song over Greece's entry, "La La Love" could make a run for Top 5. Although this song is not in my personal Top 5, the Eurovision Game Theory this entry brings to the fore makes it one of the most important songs of this year's Contest.

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