Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Hungary - Compact Disco - Sound of Our Hearts
Apr 25 2012 01:29 pm CET

Compact Disco's "Sound of Our Hearts" is one of the stronger band entries this year as it represents Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest. But is the song's serious tone and message going to have an impact on the results in Azerbaijan?

Country: Hungary
Title: "Sound of Our Hearts"
Artist: Compact Disco
Semi-Final: First, Position 15
Last year's entry/position: "What About My Dreams?" - Kati Wolf (22nd Place)

Hungary went with a public selection process this year and made a good decision with "Sound of Our Hearts" by Compact Disco. It is easy to imagine this song getting airplay in the US, which seems like a solid indicator or universal appeal for the Eurovision Song Contest. Take a listen:

The most direct competition for this song in this year's ESC would be Belarus, but this entry seems more polished. The only major problem I have with this song is that the tone may be serious to the point of preachy (the video does not help with this concern). However, this song is very similar to Bosnia & Herzegovina's entry in 2010, the difference being "Sound of Our Hearts" seems a bit more relevant now. This fan video illustrates my point and, frankly, is a better presentation for the song.

I would be shocked if this song didn't advance from the first semi-final. However, this song will need strong placement in the running order if it wants to do well in the Final. If Switzerland somehow makes it in and Belarus advances, none of those countries will benefit from being close to one another. Hungary needs to hope for a second half placement, particularly if there are a lot of upbeat songs advancing.

Hungary has put out quality entries these past two years. I just hope the country can deliver quality results in Azerbaijan.

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