Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Moldova - Pasha Parfeny - Lautar
Apr 23 2012 01:02 pm CET

Moldova's entry "Lautar" by Pasha Parfeny is a textbook entry from the Eastern European country. Although it should prove entertaining in the first semi-final, would the song be able to shine on the Final stage in Azerbaijan?

Country: Moldova
Title: "Lautar"
Artist: Pasha Parfeny
Semi-Final: First, Position 17
Last year's entry/position: "So Lucky" - Zdob si Zdub (12th Place)

Pasha Parfeny's song "Lautar" is a textbook entry from Moldova: retro sensibilities in the musical style with a modern interpretation in lyrics and performance. There is also a sense of playfulness in the country's entries, where you can tell the participants are serious but do not take the music festival too seriously:

In a recent interview with the Eurovision website, Parfeny said he did not expect to win and is only looking to compete in this year's Contest. That's the correct attitude to have, because this song should qualify, but won't shine in the Final.

The same article mentioned issues with false copyright takedowns affecting the song. The fear is that this limited exposure. This issue shouldn't pose a threat in the semi-final: Moldova is the next-to-last entry and is one of the non-novelty songs. However, the song and performance lack gravitas, which will make it very difficult to stand out in the Final field of 26.

Although Moldova is in the first semi-final, I feel compelled to add Pasha Perfany to the proposed ESC Boyband of Malta, Norway, and Turkey. Though unlikely, it would be interesting to see the four acts perform in a row on the Final stage.

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