Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Croatia - Nina Badric - Nebo
Apr 16 2012 01:36 pm CET

Croatia brings a slice of Heaven to Baku this may with the song "Nebo" by Nina Badric. The emotive ballad could be a major spoiler in the Eurovision Song Contest, particularly if the stage performance complements the beauty of this entry.

Country: Croatia
Title: "Nebo" ("Heaven")
Artist: Nina Badric
Semi-Final: Second, Position 10
Last year's entry/position: "Celebrate" - Daria Kinzer (DNQ, 15th First SF)

This may be my favorite song in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The sultriness of Nina Badric's voice mixed with the strings and percussion of the melody create an emotional concoction that transcends language. Also, it doesn't hurt that there is heavy "Total Eclipse of the Heart" styling in the music video:

Qualifying for the final should be easy for this song. Not only will this have the full support of the FYR Bloc in the second semi-final, this entry is probably the strongest of the FYR entries in terms of radio-friendliness and pop sensibility (though FYR Macedonia runs a close second). I would also argue this song is more accessible than Sweden, in that it is easier to hum "Nebo" when it is pleasantly stuck in your head. It would not surprise me if it comes down to stage performances when it comes time to assign points to either Sweden or Croatia in the semi-final.

As for where this song could place in the final, a strong stage performance and good position in the running order could propel this song to the Top 5. Granted, that is the argument for all ESC entries, but if Croatia can pull off what Ukraine did last year with the sand art performance then the country could potentially tie (or beat) its previous best of 4th Place. However, Croatia lacks the track record Ukraine has, having missed out on the Final in its last two attempts.

"Nebo" is an excellent choice for Croatia. Hopefully it will make a strong impression in Baku.

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