Survivor One World Recap: Go Out With a Bang
Apr 11 2012 10:28 pm CET

Last Week: An all-girl alliance built up as 7Up 7Upped everywhere. Jay was nervous because the men were dropping like flies.

We return to the merged tribe at day 23 with Tarzan nervously talking to Troyzan. They both knew that they were next. Maybe someone should pay attention and notice that Tarzan is one of those virulent contestants that would never get votes at final tribal (like Russell Hantz or even NaOnka). Troyzan was happy to have Mike gone, but he knew the numbers were against the men. Troy thought that stringing in Christina would have been the best bet for the remaining men. He obviously didn't tell Tarzan about his hidden immunity idol because the game is afoot.

There was a Tree Mail and there were poles with a scoreboard. Apparently there was a do it yourself reward challenge. The contestants had to toss ball-strings to a score pole. I could create a more fun game with the chalkboard. The prize was yet another barbeque. What happened to a movie or a shower?

Team Red - Alicia, Troy, Jay, Tarzan, Kat
Team Black - Leif, Sabrina, Christina, Chelsea, Sabrina

After a few tosses, the teams eventually got a few points proving that the game was pure crap. The game was really boring from Troyzan's awful commentary to the really boring game. It eventually was the Red team, giving Tarzan his first reward. The team had some coconuts and rum before getting to the barbeque. There were jokes about getting the girls drunk as people prepped the food for Tarzan and the others. Kat had a moment to discuss with Jay and Jay explained that he was upset about the female uprising and tried to keep the Salani 2.0 alliance.

Another day passed and Kim and Chelsea discussed how the men already made the wrong choices and they should be going home next. Eventually Alicia and Kat popped up and they decided to get rid of Jay and Troyzan; whichever didn't win immunity next. That sounded almost defeatist that the women would lose automatically. Chelsea felt really nervous about the alliance because she was playing truthfully throughout the season to the men. Alicia tried to remind her to play with her brain and not her heart. Sabrina wanted to emphasize these girls have to make "big girl panty" decisions.

Jay and Troyzan started to get nervous as they devised that they should make a move of getting rid of either Alicia or Christina. He tried to talk to Kim that Alicia was the biggest threat. I doubt that Alicia's brash nature and lack of immunity wins was really intimidating though. I got to say that Kat played the game better than I expected and knew she couldn't play with her heart. The other girls stood with Jay and nodded in agreement as Chelsea couldn't look him in the eye.

The girls continued to talk and Kim directly told Alicia that the guys were cornering her and told her not to panic. She reminded Alicia to stay calm and not pull a Colton. It would have been hysterical if she turned to Troyzan and told him that it was probably easier if he jump into the fire now. Troyzan noticed the conversation and was a bit nervous. Troy and Jay found tree mail but before opening it, they wondered if it was going to be a temptation challenge. The dings from the editors said that it was true. Jay seemed too confident that Alicia was going home as they read the mail about getting wet.

We returned to the immunity challenge and it was a Survivor "Classic" which meant another lazy competition. It was the dreaded hands up/bucket challenge. I wonder if they just left the props there from Survivor South Pacific. The only twist was that Jeff added temptations. Right as the competition started, Tarzan fell right over and lost. Christina fell right before the first item was revealed. Alicia tried her best to convince Chelsea to win so she could get food.

Temptation 1 - Milk & Cookies - Sabrina
Temptation 2 - Milk & Cupcakes - Kim & Kat
Temptation 3 - Candy/Chocolate Bowl - Alicia

After 45 minutes of Jeff trying to be aggressive, convincing the contestants that they needed the immunity while the others were too confident for their own good. Troyzan lost his grip and fell over, not even allowing him to get a prize.

Temptation 4 - Chicken Wings & Beer - Jay

Eventually Chelsea tried to convince Leif that he would become more of a threat, but only after a temptation arrived did Leif take the temptation.

Temptation 5 - Burgers, Beer, Chips - Leif
Winner - Chelsea

The tribe returned to the immunity challenge with everyone pretty happy. Kim was happy the pressure of threats was moved to Chelsea. Chelsea finally had the actualization that she had to play the game and knew that Troyzan was trying harder to win immunity than Jay. Kim suggested a split-vote plan that Troy had a hidden immunity idol. The main plan was Christina, Alicia, Leif would vote Jay with everyone else would vote for Troyzan.

Kim smiled in Troy's face as she lied to him, Troy found it too fishy, so he grabbed his hidden immunity idol and placed it into his cargo pants. He told Jay that he's playing the idol even though Jay thought he was safe. Eventually Jay talked to Kim about Troy's plans, but it was too late for Kim to make any final moves.

The tribe and jury arrived at tribal council. Troyzan pointed out that it still probably is a gender war. Tarzan blamed the "loss of will." I don't see why anyone pointed out that it's Colton's fault. Jay tried to make sure that there was safety in numbers. The only three people that thought they were worried were Kim, Jay, and Troyzan. Kim talked about the paranoia spread. Chelsea tried her best to claim that she trusted her gut. Chelsea talked about the questioning of hidden immunity idols and Alicia pointed out that Troyzan was wearing different shorts. Very smart point, especially considering that Kim had to shove her hidden immunity idol up her butt when she found hers.

The votes were cast and like he mentioned, Troyzan played his hidden immunity idol. The votes went 5-2-1 with 2 for Troyzan being thrown out. It turned out that Troy wasted his idol because Jay had more votes against him naturally.

Next Week: Troyzan was alone and stuck fighting as hard as possible.

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