Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: San Marino - Valentina Monetta - The Social Network Song
Apr 11 2012 11:18 am CET

San Marino sparked controversy with the announcement of its entry "The Social Network Song (Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh)" by Valentina Monetta. Will the satire about internet culture go viral in Baku? Or will Eurovision get a visit from the fail whale?

Country: San Marino
Title: "The Social Network Song (Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh)
Artist: Valentina Monetta
Semi-Final: First, Position 11
Last year's entry/position: "Stand By" - Senit (DNQ, 16th Place First SF)

"The Social Network Song" (formerly known as "The Facebook Song") is one of those ESC anomalies which distinguishes songs from entries. This is a terrible, terrible song but may be one of the best entries in this year's contest. The original is on the left, the current entry is on the right:

YouTube Doubler

Why is this a good entry? First, it has given San Marino some much-needed attention. The country made minor headlines when it returned last year after a two-year hiatus. However, with Italy returning after a much longer break (with a fantastic song in tow), San Marino's so-so entry did not generate much buzz. Although the attention surrounding Monetta's song has been generally negative, the original version has received over 350,000 hits on her YouTube page alone.

I am more curious about what the stage performance will be like for the song. The video does a good job of communicating the song's message, as you can see if you watch the video without sound. However, almost all of those visuals cannot take place on stage. This song doesn't lend itself to Valentina standing behind a microphone for three minutes, so the hope is there will be a spectacle in Azerbaijan.

As for the song's chances in the contest, I don't think it will finish in last place. This entry is a total wildcard, similar to "I Love Belarus" from last year (which finished 14th in its semi-final). San Marino did get stuck with poor positioning – 11th, following Israel and preceding Cyprus. However, with so many novelty songs in the first semi-final, there are only seven or eight solid entries that should make it into the Final. That means two or three slots where, if this song qualified, it would not be a crime. There is no way this song will win the Contest, but the Final should welcome a fun entry or two.

Am I advocating for this song to advance? Not necessarily. San Marino ruffled some feathers, which I think was the goal. If the country builds off of the attention it has received this year and delivers a solid contender next year, there could be a promising future for the ESC newbie.

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