Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Montenegro - Rambo Amadeus - Euro Neuro
Mar 30 2012 01:28 pm CET

Montenegro returns to the Eurovision Song Contest after a two-year break with the genre-bending song "Euro Neuro" by Rambo Amadeus. As the opening act of the first semi-final, does this entry stand a chance at making the final in Azerbaijan?

Country: Montenegro
Title: "Euro Neuro"
Artist: Rambo Amadeus
Semi-Final: First, Position 1
Last year's entry/position: Did not compete (Last competed in 2009)

"Euro Neuro" received a lot of undeserved scorn when it debuted in mid-March. Much like Georgia's entry, the song relies heavily on a rhyming dictionary, but there is a cleverness about the word selection. One comment I read referred to the track as a rap song, which caught my attention because I was having a difficult time classifying the track in any genre. I don't think rap is quite right, given that Rambo Amadeus does not have much flow, but take a listen and see how you would classify the song:

As one of the newer participants in the Eurovision Song Contest, Montenegro has not yet developed its aesthetic or the necessary friendships to be successful. Part of this is luck: it is the only country from the former Yugoslavia in the first semi-final this year, which means the song has to survive on its own merits. Unfortunately, without a clearly established aesthetic it is difficult to tell if this song is intended to be a serious entry from Montenegro or a "screw you, Eurovision" entry, such as "Irelande Douze Pointe" from Ireland (2008) or "Congratulations" from Iceland (2006).

From a showrunner standpoint, I think it is fantastic this song will be the first entry of the first semi-final. Much like Ukraine's entry, this song has the perfect vibe and lyrical content to open a show and set the tone for the event. I don't imagine a show-stopping performance from Rambo Amadeus (the song isn't designed for that), but a strong positive first impression could work wonders when scores get tallied.

"Euro Neuro" will be lumped in with the other novelty songs in the first semi-final. But if Montenegro approaches this with the proper level of seriousness, it could make a run for tenth place and its first performance in a Eurovision final.

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