Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Entry: Ukraine - Gaitana - Be My Guest
Mar 29 2012 01:56 pm CET

Ukraine puts its strong track record to the test this year with the anthem "Be My Guest" bu Gaitana. Although the song is reminiscent of songs from Eurovision's past, did Ukraine use the wildcard effectively for the second semi-final?

Country: Ukraine
Title: "Be My Guest"
Artist: Gaitana
Semi-Final: Second, 7th Position
Last year's entry/position: "Angel" - Mika Newton - 4th Place

Ukraine, I love you dearly, but I'm not sure about this year's Eurovision entry. The song and the video seem to be going for sensory overload, but not necessarily in an enjoyable way. Here, have a look and listen:

The song reminds me of a cross between "Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)" (Ukraine's 2009 entry) and "Haba Haba" (Norway's entry last year). On the one hand, that means Ukraine has the potential to produce a real spectacle in the second semi-final, which is one of the reasons I love Ukraine. However, "Haba Haba" was not well-received last year and Gaitana's track is remarkably similar in its sound. Granted, there were several mitigating factors in last year's first semi-final that are not present in this situation.

Ukraine will follow Portugal, bringing about an energy shift midway through the contest. Bulgaria performs eighth, which may feel like an extension of Ukraine's song which should work in Ukraine's favor. However, I think Ukraine squandered the wildcard they drew this year by selecting to go seventh – they should have selected to go first. Yes, later songs generally do better when it comes to televoting, but the sentiment of the song seems out of place in the middle of the pack. Last year's second semi-final began with Bosnia & Herzegovina's entry "Love in Rewind," which features a call for attention at the beginning that kicked off the show and left a memorable impression.

Although "Be My Guest" is not the best entry to come out of Ukraine, it will be interesting to see how the country's strong track record affects its standing. The country has never missed a final, and if this song can make it out of the semi-final Ukraine can probably do no wrong any year.

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