The Amazing Race Recap: Bust me right in the head with it
Mar 04 2012 10:09 pm CET

Last Week: I was taken aback by the country boy luck and ingenuity that Bopper & Mark had, there wasn't any backseat vomiting either. A bus ride shifted the middle pack to the back and basically saved the remaining all-female teams. Because of the bus, and a lack of math skills, the clowns were eliminated.

We return to the race in Argentina for the third leg and the teams were told to fly to Asunción, Paraguay. While all the team departure times weren't revealed, we did learn that the stipend for this leg was $200. This probably hinted to a taxi-heavy episode. Rachel & Dave continued to talk about being a target because they were in the front. Realistically, as a viewer we know that one small mistake could bring them to the back of the pack and force them to use their Express Pass. The border patrol agents, continue to hold an advantage with their Spanish skills and were convinced that their pride in America would keep them cool with Rachel & Dave.

At the airport Dave stared at the departure boards. There was an 8:45AM flight so they decided to talk to a ticket agent. She said that they couldn't get tickets but they could sign up for standby. Rachel & Dave and the Border Patrol Agents signed up. Eventually all the teams arrived and people buzzed around and did the same exact thing. The border patrol agents complained about the "teachers." I found it hysterical because if they knew that they were also agents, they would surely have a different, more positive, view on the "teachers." In a nice "teacher-like" way they decided to tell Bopper & Mark to get on standby. Sometime later, the nice ticket agent found Dave and allowed the first two teams to get their tickets. The feds teachers and Bopper & Mark managed to also get standby tickets. The front pack became a four-team race. The flight filled up after that and left the other five teams to take the 10:40 AM tickets, two hours behind.

At Asuncion, Paraguay the first four teams ran through the airport into the taxis. Kentucky's lack of language skills forced them to struggle with the initial taxi drivers. This allowed the Border Patrol Agents to leave first. Kentucky then just said "follow them." The teams arrived and had to slide down a slide. It seemed like a weak needle in the haystack of loud colors and grills. I'm not sure what grills have to do with Paraguay, but I'll take the task because it had slides.

The clue was the Detour options. The choices were Stacked Up (Make a 10x10 Watermelon pyramid) or Strung Out (String a harp). On paper it seems like stringing a harp wouldn't sound that hard if someone strung a guitar before. Also: Air Conditioning. The border patrol agents, Kentucky, the fed/teachers, and Rachel & Dave all picked watermelons. There goes my theory. Haven't these people seen what watermelons do to home shopping network host faces?

The border patrol agents started, realizing that there was a 10 x 10 grid and tried to get as much of a lead as possible as everyone started stacking watermelons. With the swish of watermelons Dave threw a watermelon at Rachel, she claimed that after catching a few, she was worried that she wasn't going to have babies. The beginning square wasn't much of an issue.

The second airplane arrived with the twins’ speed walking through the airport; it was really awkward looking considering how athletic the two look. Brendon & Rachel were out first and the Long Islanders trailed in last place. While stacking watermelons Rachel offered to give Dave water; Dave yelled at her and the two started to bicker; their "powerful" status slowly diminishing because of poor communication skills. Brendon & Rachel, the Cousins went down the slide and found their detour clue. Both decided that watermelons were amazing. The final three teams also got their detour clue and of the remaining teams, the only ones to pick harp task were the twins.

The watermelon pyramids started to get higher as they precariously wobbled. The border patrol agents pulled a major upset and didn't drop any watermelons; the producers were probably cursing and praying that the other teams had someone get a watermelon to the face.

The following clue told teams to head to Plaza de la Democracia. The border patrol agents were convinced that they would be first as they left. The dramatic music kicked in and then...Jenga! Watermelons started rolling away. The producers were probably thanking Jesus that their plans actually worked. The feds teachers and Kentucky realized that they have to re-assemble their pyramids and decided to switch tasks. Rachel & Dave decided to switch, instead of using their Express Pass. Kentucky bumped into the Cousins and they lied to them about how easy the pyramid was. The sisters looked at the pyramid and realized that it was an awful choice and left before they even attempted the task.

Art & JJ arrived at the Roadblock that asked who was "Ready to use their head." If there was no one around and you didn't see the dancers, it may have sounded like another math/knowledge based task. The task was to do a dance with a bottle on their head and obviously not drop the bottle. If they drop all the allotted bottles, they will be forced to endure a two hour penalty. Art took the task and realized that the hardest part of the task was actually getting down on the ground and looking like an angel/fish. Art dropped most of his initial bottles. The back three teams started at the watermelon task and Vanessa started to take watermelons from Brendon & Rachel's truck. After Vanessa was talking about Rachel's (insert bleeped out word here, which probably has something to do with Rachel's bottom) Big Brother decided to switch tasks to get away from Vanessa's mouth.

Art managed to get through the hardest part of the bottle dance (the angel on the ground) and they left in first place. The task was to travel to the Escalinata de Antequera on foot. The border patrol agents asked local cops and jogged to the mat. They were obviously in first and finished this whole episode's tasks in the first half hour of the episode. The twins arrived first at the concert hall, followed by all the task-switchers. The twist was that the strings were tangled. Elliot had experience with guitars and hoped that it would be enough to give him an advantage. Rachel & Dave arrived and realized that they needed to use the Express Pass, which I still think they sacrificed way too early. Little did they know that there would be another difficult task in front of them.

Brendon & Rachel arrived and realized that the music of harps were so much calming than Vanessa's mouth. Bopper sang some Johnny Cash as he strung his harp and it's probably one of the first times that I actually heard contestants get music cleared. The brothers bickered as they continued to untangle their strings.

Rachel & Dave arrived at the Roadblock and Dave took the task for some reason. I understand that Rachel struggled with math in the last episode, but it seemed very unlikely that she was going to get two math challenges back to back. Dave dropped a lot of bottles and complained that he had an "odd-shaped" head. Rachel was worried about the two hour penalty was looming as the sweepers had to collect the rubbish. Eventually all the glass was broken and team got the clue, but had to sit next to Phil and wait out their two hours.

Back at the harps, Brendon & Rachel surprisingly finished in third. I underestimate Rachel a lot of high drama, but when she puts her mind to things and doesn't talk too much, she is a fierce competitor. They were followed by Bopper & Mark. On the other Detour, Ralph & Vanessa dropped part of their stack, while the Long Islanders finished, proving to the divorced daters that things aren't impossible. Ralph turned to Vanessa and tried to convince her that they need to switch. After a few more watermelons fell Ralph tried again to no avail.

The cousins and feds teachers finished their harp task and left. Elliot & Andrew complained, they missed a string and couldn't complete the task. Ralph tried to put the top to the pyramid and begged Vanessa to switch, while the twins threw a fit. Little did they know that one other team was having trouble with the other task. After the commercial break, the twins decided to start over with the stringing and the divorced daters decided to re-stack the watermelons. With 47 minutes to go, Rachel & Dave continued to wait.

Brendon & Rachel got to the Roadblock and Rachel took the task as the middle teams arrived to do the task. Rachel seemed to be fine until the swimming/angel task. The all-female teams arrived and the drama of finishing the tasks first in the group was on. It became a footrace between Big Brother and our knock-off Jersey Shore guys. Rachel arrived on the placemat and was in tears, gasping for air. Mark completed the task and was quickly followed by Nary. With five minutes to go on their penalty the two teams made it to the Pitstop before Rachel & Dave could walk to the mat.

We return to the twins still stringing and the dating divorcees still stacking. Somewhere along the line Kerri & Stacy arrived in seventh, but still the other two teams didn't finish the detour. The twins finished the harp in eighth and the divorcees with their watermelons in last. It was late and the twins started to do the Roadblock as Vanessa & Ralph started to cry about being last. When Ralph & Vanessa arrived both teams were shocked that there was someone else there. Ralph took the task and with Vanessa cheering on. Out of nowhere, Ralph got the hang of the task and made his angelic pose on the ground. This allowed Vanessa & Ralph to get their second wind and leave. The twins may have finished pretty quickly after and started running as fast as possible. It wasn't enough and Vanessa & Ralph are probably three or four hours behind the cousins. The twins were last and were eliminated. It's a shame that the male eye candy were eliminated.

Leg Placement
1) Art & JJ - Won a trip to the Bahamas.
2) Brendon & Rachel
3) Joey "Fitness" & Danny
4) Bopper & Mark
5) Nary & Jamie
6) Rachel & Dave
7) Kerri & Stacy
8) Vanessa & Ralph
9) Elliot & Andrew - Eliminated

Next Week: Italy makes people go crazy. Rachel screams at Dave while Rachel cries with Brendon.

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