Wednesday TV: Strangers on a Train, Arizona Republican Debate, Royal Pains, Ghost Hunters
Feb 22 2012 09:10 am CET

Tonight's TV features ghost stories, classic films, presidential candidates bickering and the season finale of Royal Pains. Here's what's on Wednesday.

If you are in a movie mood tonight, I strongly recommend Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train. Humor and suspense combine masterfully in this classic film. TCM will be airing the movie at 8pm.

This week's edition of the Republican Debates will take place in Arizona in preparation for the state's primary next week. CNN will cover the debate live from Mesa, Arizona starting at 8pm.

Ghost Hunters International returns tonight for a brand new season. This week, the crew heads to the Chavin ruins in Peru to check out some activity that sounds reminiscent of the fourth Indiana Jones movie. Catch the premiere at 9pm on SyFy

Finally, USA's Royal Pains wraps up its third season tonight. Hank not only has to deal with Jack's illness, but a trio of kids are making extreme home videos. Evan researches some experimental treatments along with Boris' cousin. Find out what happens at 10pm.

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