Glee Recap: On My Way
Feb 21 2012 09:43 pm CET

Kurt and Rachel are having a drink at the Lima Bean gabbing about weddings when our villain Sebastian arrived, sassy gay comments spewing out of his mouth as quickly as he can. He decided that he'd turn to blackmail to get the Warblers to win. He photoshopped an awful photo of one of those Guys with iPhones kind of photos with Finn's head and with heels on. He threatened Rachel to drop out so the Warblers would have a chance. Wait a second. There were two Sectionals where Rachel didn't sing (Special Education and Hold on to Sixteen); this Glee club would be good with or without Rachel during a regionals. Especially with Santana in front. I wasn't expecting the offensive "Tina Blowin' Wang" on a Fox show, but I'm happy it snuck through.

Finn saw the picture and was over Sebastian. While Artie pulled out the official show choir guide (remember the Mattress fiasco?) there was a clause about violence against other teams (see page 72). Blaine referred to his rock salt slushie and how Dalton did nothing anyway. It's a great school about zero-tolerance isn't it? After comparing Sebastian to terrorists and Schue trying to bring the class back, Finn exploded. He was upset about how Rachel was still all about herself.

Quinn talked to Sue in her office and announced that she's pregnant. Quinn, like the audience, was a bit confused. She's apparently under some medication to help with the development, or is making a really BS-ed excuse on why Sue was softening up. Quinn talked about morning sickness kicking in and not having a lot of solutions. She mentioned lollipops as one of her helpful tips. She asked for a favor: she wanted to rejoin the Cheerios. She got rejected again.

Blaine and Kurt met in the auditorium, Blaine upset about Sebastian. As an actual plot point, we learn that this year's theme is "Inspiration." Blaine considered a song for Regionals. We get a montage of "Cough Syrup" set up to Dave being confronted about his homosexuality at his new school. Interestingly, Dave wasn't as strong as he put up back in McKinley and retreated to his room. He then got the social media attack. Are people really that mean on social media or wouldn't people think they could go to jail? Two words: Tyler Clementi. Dave got himself changed in his Sunday best in hopes of hanging himself, I'm still not sure if a brown belt was the best choice for the outfit.

Figgins, Emma, Beiste, Sue and Schue all discussed the issue with Dave. Sue was upset because she was in charge back during the Dave/Kurt issue and regretted not making any strong decisions (what? another actual plot reference from previous seasons?). We also got cuts of Dave's father finding him which was actually painful to watch. We got back to the God Squad and were praying for Dave. Quinn tried to compare her life with the whole baby thing. Kurt popped up and pointed out how Quinn wasn't the same; it's not like she was driven to suicide or even abortion. Kurt was upset with Quinn and even though his faith in God is shaky, he wanted to turn to something. It turns out that Dave called him several (read: nine) times and he didn't answer any of the calls. Mercedes suggested he come with the squad and give their Edible Arrangement.

As much as people like Finchel's parents or Kurt tried to stop the wedding, all the events around continued to reinforce the reason why the two should be married. Dave's suicide attempt ended up bringing Finn and Rachel closer together. Rachel tried to say she wouldn't perform, but Finn wasn't having the intimidation stop her from her dream. Rachel announced that the two should get married the Saturday after regionals.

Sebastian got confronted by Santana, Brittany, Kurt, and Blaine. Sebastian asked for forgiveness from Blaine, he removed the photos, and decided to dedicate the Warblers performance to Dave and would pass out baskets to raise money. It turns out that Sebastian rejected Dave in a really gay way at Scandals.

Mr. Schue had a jar peanut butter and a spoon because Rory never had peanut butter. How random. The most awkward statement was to a message of the fact that brand new experiences happen and a lot of more amazing experiences will happen. Schue explained that he was caught cheating on a math test during his high school years. He had his fears kick in and he considered jumping over the high school roof. He didn't (obviously) and was happy that he got past his dark times. Everyone has something to look forward and Schue got the club to think about big dreams that they all had. We learn about some generic things like "I wanna dance!" but Sugar's dreams of watching Sex and the City 3 stood out the most since it was almost as silly as Brittany's cat.

We're back at regionals, with generic judges like Svengoolie, some local television reference that was over my head. The Warblers began singing "Stand" and the song matched the "inspiration" theme, but for some reason the marching section didn't really jive. Finn was up cheering and random extra from the other team was like a bit too competitive for our own good. After talking about donations their second song "Glad You Came" started with what? Arm raising. This was a total no when Kurt auditioned for a solo with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina." Thanks for destroying the Warblers Sebastian. Speaking of which, "Glad You Came" is probably my favorite Season Three Warbler song (post The Tufts Beelzebubs not doing backing vocals) even if Sebastian's voice is uber-thin. The boy band choreography worked for me, even though they didn't seem well coordinated.

The Golden Goblets, from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow performed a small portion of "She Walks in Beauty" with Figgins totally won over. Schue motivated the group in the back. As a "motivator" Finn announced that there will be a wedding after New Directions won. Finchel wanted to live every day like it was their last and invited everyone, even the naysayers.

We emerged from the commercial to the "Fly/I Believe I Can Fly" epic cloud covered mash-up. The combination of Artie and Santana worked really well, Blaine's rapping on the other hand was a bit white. The smoke machines were going crazy to keep the cloud cover as full as possible. I got to say their choreography has gotten a lot better than it used to be, even with the couples having a lot of the same choreography.

Magically all the smoke was gone as Sue arrived. The Troubletones began singing "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) and I swear that their choreography looks a lot like "Survivor/I Will Survive" with the "I am strong" arm pumps and such. Is that all we get for "sassy female choreography?" Brittany is good with Britney Spears and Ke$ha, but shouldn't start bleeding into Mercedes and Santana's vocal territory. Once in a while I catch little things that have nothing to do with the performance, when Santana points and sings the "Thanks to you" line, there's a cameraman behind her. Thanks editing. It came to my mind: is this song offensive to suicidal people? I'll leave it to you to judge.

Rachel returned onto stage "Here's To Us" for her solo. Her fathers were moved completely, but did we ever learn why exactly they never showed up. The Warblers cheered on as the rest of the girls arrived and the guys emerged from the balcony. The Berry’s were basically in tears.

The prizes were announced by the Svengoolie-alike. The Goblets were in third and the winners were obviously the New Directions. The best reaction came from Sugar who ran to Svengoolie to hug him. Quinn talked to Sue right afterward and pointed out how she admired Quinn because she's totally different from Sue. Because of that, Quinn got her cheerleader outfit back. Even with the short hair, it was forced into a ponytail. Quinn bumped into Rachel and decided that, yes, she will go to the wedding.

Kurt arrived at the hospital to meet Dave. Kurt wanted to voice how much he wanted to return calls; obviously in retrospect. Dave couldn't even survive a week when Kurt suffered more than a month from all of Dave's bastardly bullying. His mother told him he had a disease. He can't return to his school. Kurt supports Dave and decided that they should look forward to in the future. Kurt decided to use Schue's lesson and had Dave imagine what life would be like in 10 years. He dreamed of being a sports agent with a partner and a kid. We close the bullying chapter with the two as friends.

With a few minutes left in the episode Sue congratulated Schue. She actually thought the clue was fantastic and told Schue that she was pregnant. At the courthouse, Sue was crashing the wedding. Sue wanted to help Schue, with no actual catch. Must be the hormones. Burt is still going crazy, the parents were confused and trying to figure out a way to stop this wedding. Finn nervously wandered as Rachel emerged in her wedding dress; the two seeing each other before the wedding. Bad juju. They took a second, noticed a text from Quinn. As the wedding was about to start, Quinn tried to rush to the wedding. As Finn walked in with the guys, Rachel sent one last text to Quinn. Of course, Quinn gets slammed by a Truck because she was texting while driving. Didn't this plot point happen on Grey's Anatomy and everyone started singing in the next episode?

All I can say is, see you in April.

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