Project Runway All Stars Recap: Patterning for Piggy
Jan 19 2012 10:25 pm CET

Last Week: Michael almost won the "Challenge Austin" challenge but it was Austin who kept his title. He also changed his ideas last minute when April really wouldn't have made anything similar since she dyed the bottom of her dress. Sweet P was eliminated after making a dress that didn't really fit the occasion of "Opera."

The contestants met with Angela and she announced the challenge this week would me to make a cocktail dress for Miss Piggy, apparently Prada and Burberry made clothes for her before. The winning design will be "worn" by Miss Piggy. Michael called her fashion's dream client, but truthfully, that's Barbie. Back at 1407 the contestants sketched up dresses, with Mila making a mod dress. Kenley made it sound as though she was brought up during the 80s and watched Muppet Babies. At Mood, everyone was picking up pinks and blacks. With time up, it made me miss Tim telling people to finish up.

Gordana decided to keep her free-flowing style even though it didn't really match the challenge which Mondo continued to reiterate. The silent working from last week continued, until the contestants started grabbing accessories. Mondo and Kara got into a tiff after they both wanted the same pink gloves, but Mondo let her have her way.

Kara was worried about adding sex to Miss Piggy by adding a cutout in the front. Rami wanted a flirty dress, which Michael called safe. Anthony had issues with his zipper, which Gordana gave him a real zipper lesson. I'm not challenging Gordana's construction skills; I just worry about her levels of creativity. Jerell tried to chat up his neighbor April, but April wanted to make sure that her clothes were amazing so she wouldn't land in the bottom again. Kenley decided to go with her full retro circle skirt, which she got Kara's approval from. I don't get that relationship at all.

Joanna arrived and tried to pimp out how amazing this challenge was. In a small montage she helped April, Rami, and Kara, as Mondo voiced-over how amazing Joanna was. Her on-camera critiques started with Gordana. Joanna called the pink thing a night dress and worried that comfort shouldn't be the first thought that someone would think about to dress a celebrity. Over at Mila's workstation, Mila explained the classy/mod inspiration and she thought about a headband, but forgot about Miss Piggy having ears on top of her head. Kenley was excited, until Joanna asked about Giraffe print which I didn't see was a problem, like Kenley we both knew that Piggy loved wearing leopard print. She's also worn leather and feathers, so it's not like she's anti-animal based products. Austin was convinced that he and Miss Piggy were kindred spirits. He explained his insane bow idea, but Joanna called it "gift wrapped" but Austin explained how the challenge was all about whimsy. Mondo wanted childhood happiness with his 60s-isnpiration; Joanna continued to give him a pep talk as if he was destined to win this whole season.

The models arrived for fittings and Mila's muslin sleeve didn't fit perfectly so she had to redesign the sleeve. Gordana had no choice but to keep her original design because she didn't have any different fabric. With five minutes left, Mondo was really worried about his dress not looking finished. Kenley continued to get help from Kara even though I think Kenley continued to get all bonuses.

At the apartment Kara and Kenley were still giggling with Rami in the middle. The groups talked about passion and they all laughed about everything. Morning arrived and the contestants were finishing all their work. Rami was worried that he didn't make something amazing. Austin had a lot of work left to finish and make the drama happen. Anthony mentioned considering eating bacon, but decided against it for Piggy's sake. As the models arrived Kara's accessories were "taken" by Austin, the two bickered and swapped their accessories. Kenley was confident; even though April pointed out that she makes a lot of the same. Speaking of a lot of the same, Anthony wanted the same hair from last week. Kara was hoping that she got to talk to Miss Piggy so her daughter could see. Wouldn't it be awful if Piggy called her dress crap?

Angela welcomed the contestants and along with Georgina Chapman was stylist/costume designer Eric Daman and Miss Piggy.

Michael - I get the hoops, but it really is a garish print. And the bow? I didn't get it.
April - April continued her Goth feel, but I don't think it's Piggy. There were worse offenders.
Jerell - The dress looked safe to me, but I liked the top.
Kara - I hated the hair and gloves, especially since it's only an accessory. It made me forget to look at the dress with the random cutout in the center. The cutout made it almost look more like a bra and skirt.
Kenley - Apparently she went and did the full print which was nice and I'm happy she didn't use the turquoise top she was playing around with.
Anthony - I was surprised how much I liked the purple, especially because he didn't really go the pink route that everyone picked
Rami - I don't get the dress because it looks old. It's an ugly 80s dress. I get how the challenge was for Miss Piggy, but if we go back to the beginning of the episode the show emphasized Burberry. This is not classy, it's just garish.
Mila - The dress didn't really skew mod, it skewed Avril Lavigne. I could see 24 Hour Catwalk's host Alexa Chung wearing it
Gordana - With the gloves, the dress looks like a Barbie dress. Wrong challenge Gordana.
Austin - I didn't understand the bows on the sides, it could be a great in different colors and sans bow.
Mondo - I hated the hair and it looked like a nice version of a 60's "mom dress."

The top looks were Rami (Had fun, seams need help), Michael (Cool zipper, Present-vibe, poor choice of black gloves), and Kenley (Nice design, but awkward construction of top). The bottom were Austin (Color combination didn't work, but the construction is okay), Gordana (Understated, doesn't fit Miss Piggy), Mila (Lacks flamboyance and color). The winner of the challenge was Michael and the bottom two were Gordana and Mila. Mila's dress was safe and Gordana's fancy nightgown was eliminated. Gordana got a handshake and positive messages from Miss Piggy.

Next Week: Diane Von Furstenberg and a six-hour challenge.

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