Project Runway All Stars Recap: A Night at the Opera
Jan 12 2012 10:05 pm CET

Last Week: The people you know would do well did well...and Elisa didn't. I guess she was tenth place back in season four for a reason. Shower curtains are the death of anyone who is doing an unconventional challenge because of how close it is to fabric. The setup for this week was that Michael and April made dresses with the same mop material. Our judges and hosts are all different, but the show still tastes the same.

Before we start this week, I have to point out that this episode would be a great drinking game forcing you to drink when anyone says "Austin."

Angela met with the designers (her name still plastered underneath her) and she explained that the contestants would have to create a high society dress. Mark Badgley and James Mischka explained that the challenge would be to be to create a dress for the opera. They are expecting a couture touch to the dress. Kara said stuff involving the word "Papoom" to describe Austin. Is that some cool South African lingo that I need to use? The contestants had $350 and one day. The contestants had time to sketch before they went to Mood and both Michael and April thought of using red; I give more credit for April to use red because of her black and white collection. Mondo decided to find the fabric first before sketching things out. Mood was still the same and people were running. Kenley got her 50s aesthetic pink and black polka dot fabric and I sighed a bit. I was hoping she'd grow out of the Betty Paige phase. Both April and Michael grabbed red fabrics. Of course Michael threw a diva fit and decided to grab black fabric; I don't see why he was so stressed out with April, I think Rami is more of a direct competitor than April was.

The contestants went back and were immediately cutting like crazy, mostly in silence. April decided to dye her dress in a "Corpse Bride" way. We come back from a commercial break and the sewing continued. Everyone continued to talk positively about Austin and the pressure has to be a lot. Michael and Mondo had some time to chat about his dress which I'm sure will come in handy in the future since there wasn't a lot of talking happening during the challenge. Joanna arrived for her consultations and talked to Rami first. Rami wanted triangles and pointed out that Austin is the big competition. Austin was nervous as he explained a tight dress with a tulle poof. April's hand dyed ombré left Joanna a bit confused; she suggested movement in the dresses. Michael got positive feedback for the shoulders, but was warned about nipples and screamed "Shock Horror!" Joanna talked to Kara and pointed out that the fabrics that she selected was too bridesmaid and morning-wear. Sweet P wanted the color and pow and even I thought the dress looked awful at that moment. Anthony had a cream dress, Joanna pointed out could possibly look too wedding.

Sweet P was focused on her bodice while Kara continued to doubt herself. With time running out the work room looked like a mess. Michael realized he'd have to hand-sew the shoulder section with the two hours on the next day. The contestants managed to chat in the apartment which was nice to see, I guess the producers had good intentions by placing all the contestants in the same apartment. I found it interesting that Rami had his arm around Anthony; he must be that really comfortable drinker. Kara was so stressed out that both Kenley and Austin were giving her positive mantras.

On the day of the runway show all of the contestants were finishing their dresses. Michael pointed out that everyone was turning to half-assing as the models arrived. We don't really know names of the models but it didn't matter. At hair and makeup, the contestants used the word "Sophisticated" and "edgy." As time ran out, it seemed like everyone had minor issues as they left for the door.

Angela welcomed the contestants and along with Isaac and Georgina were Mark Badgley and James Mischka.

Kenley - Better than I expected, it looked like a tasty cake.
Gordana - The tone in the legs looked funny to me, because it looked almost like nude pantyhose but the top was really pretty.
Rami - The triangles worked better because I was thinking that he'd be using equilateral triangles, but there was something a bit Kermit about placing the triangles close to the neck.
Mila - The angles in the dress were nice, and I liked the sheer effects.
Sweet P - The dress looked really odd; it was almost like the poof wasn't supposed to be there.
Mondo - There was something Breakfast at Tiffany’s to me, so I totally understood the 60s inspiration.
Jerell - The top was cool but the proportions to the bottom were really odd, the model looked pregnant.
Kara - I didn't like the print, the shine made it look cheap. There's a minor plus for the pockets, but it's not like that it's a selling point.
Anthony - That's definitely not a wedding dress. I like the class, but not the gloves.
Austin - The dress was classic Hollywood starlet and I actually liked the lame.
April - The color-job worked for me, but it did look like she stepped in a mud puddle.
Michael - That top was amazing and the sides worked perfectly, no nipple slips today. The back was gorgeous.

The top contestants were Antony (Sexy and had a toughness), Austin (Classic and fresh at the same time, a bit modest), and Michael ("Shockingly Perfect," flattering jersey fabric). The bottom contestants were April (Tie-died and too rushed), Sweet P (Prom dress, poorly executed bodice, and too day), and Kara (Too simple, and not perfect). After the judges’ deliberation, the winner this week was Austin, though I think the outcome was very obvious from the beginning. The bottom two contestants were Sweet P and April and the ambition of the dress kept April safe. Sweet P was eliminated, but after such a poor showing last week, she was on thin ice.

Next Week: Make a cocktail dress for Miss Piggy. And if anyone saw the Muppets movie she has a lot of taste.

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