Tuesday TV: Work It, The Biggest Loser, Jane by Design, Iowa Caucuses
Jan 03 2012 10:22 am CET

Tonight we find out which candidate wins the Iowa Caucuses, we see the contestants who want to be the Biggest Loser, and Jane by Design tries to Work It on ABC Family. Here's what's on TV Tuesday.

Up first, the controversial new sitcom Work It. Two guys determine that the only way they can get jobs at a pharmaceutical company is by dressing as women. It's like Bosom Buddies, without any of the progress made in the last three decades. The show premieres at 8:30pm followed by Celebrity Wife Swap at 9pm. Stay classy, ABC.

Over on NBC, The Biggest Loser is back for its thirteenth season. This year's theme is "No Excuses" with Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince as the only trainers. The big twist: each couple that enters the ranch will be separated and will compete against one another. The season begins at 8pm.

On ABC Family, following the season premiere of Switched at Birth is the debut of the new series Jane by Design. On this drama, a stylish teenager gets a job at a fashion house because they think she is an adult. Whoops. The show starts at 9pm.

Finally, a reminder that the Iowa Caucuses are happening today. Viewers in the Eastern and Central timezones will probably see some interruptions/preemptions in primetime when results start coming in. Live coverage on the cable networks begins at 6pm Eastern on MSNBC, with CNN starting at 7pm and Fox News starting at 8pm.

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