The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Let the Games Begin
Oct 16 2011 08:06 pm CET

On the last episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, new Housewife Dana hosts the women at a game night that’s anything but fun and games.

Everyone’s still buzzing about Brandi’s behavior at Adrienne’s backyard barbeque, everyone except Lisa, who has her own party to plan. Opening the episode, Lisa’s hard at work in her kitchen preparing for dinner with her daughter Pandora and Pandora’s longtime boyfriend’s family. The most eventful moment is watching Lisa actually doing the cooking herself. Also of note is Lisa’s reaction to her son Max’s phone call with his girlfriend. Max says Love you too and apparently it’s the first time Lisa and Ken have heard him say I love you to a girl, they’re both a bit shocked as Lisa continues cooking up a storm.

Also cooking in the kitchen, and perhaps more surprisingly, Taylor. At home Taylor had Dana over to help, ahem watch, her make cookies. While Taylor’s trying to knead dough, Dana’s still trying to get over Brandi’s choice of terminology for male genitalia at Adrienne’s house. But, in an effort to get further into the circle, Dana’s offered to host a game night at her home, originally scheduled at Taylor’s. Dana’s decided on over the top décor over dessert and drinks, and says she’ll use one of her vendors to help her.

Meanwhile, over lunch, Kyle and Adrienne are on the same topic of Brandi’s behavior at the barbeque. They’re both confused as to why Brandi didn’t stop her son from using Adrienne’s lawn as his personal bathroom. In more craziness, Adrienne tells Kyle about her sister Kim’s odd behavior on the way to Sacramento and that Paul thought she sounded wasted. Kyle doesn’t really have an answer, but tells us that Kim never really tells her anything that’s going on.

On perhaps a dessert date, Adrienne’s meeting Brandi for cappuccino and milk shakes. It’s Brandi’s turn to tell Adrienne how judged she felt by the other women, and that she realizes her joke about Dana’s fiancée having girls in different cities did cross a line. Adrienne tells her she has to have thick skin to weather the initial storm. Brandi’s just trying to get away from her husband’s social circle. Brandi’s decided to come up with something fun to get the girls together, She thinks Adrienne’s sweet and is glad to have someone on her side.

On to the big event, Game Night, and Brandi and Kyle are the first to arrive. Dana, in typical Dana style, tells both that she’s wearing Valentino as her shopper just came over. It’s awkward between Kyle and Brandi, since Kyle made it clear at the barbeque she wasn’t a fan, and the two women avoid eye contact as Dana finishes preparing for the night. Finally Camille arrives to break the tension and spends some time inspecting the game-themed desserts that she thinks are tacky, being that it’s just some random little desserts and a breadstick. Taylor arrives next, but Adrienne calls to say she has to take care of some issues and wont be able to make it. Everyone seems upset Adrienne wont make an appearance, but Brandi feels particularly alone.

The last guest, Kim, finally arrives and begins by mistakenly calling Dana Pam. Kim is being considerably awkward and loopy and immediately runs to the bathroom to fix her makeup after meeting Brandi for the first time. Kyle tells us Kim seems disheveled and tired and it’s her job to get her sister together. In the bathroom Kim wants to put on fake lashes and all, but Kyle says that’s crazy at this point. Kim tells Kyle she’s losing her balance and hasn’t eaten, and woke up not being able to hear, but Kyle tries to tell her it is anxiety. Kyle tells us she’s not prepared to go anywhere heavy while everyone’s waiting.

Back at the party, Taylor tells us she thinks Dana’s laying it on thick and trying way too hard by suggesting she and Camille go to Hawaii together. We’ll have to see if Camille takes her up on the offer.

Over at Lisa’s, sitting down to dinner with Lisa, Ken, their friend Martin, Pandora, Max and Pandora’s Boyfriend Jason’s parents – Jason reveals he’s asked Pandora to marry him over the previous weekend in New York. Lisa’s thrilled for Jason and Pandy.

On to game night, Kim’s back in the bathroom again. Brandi asks Taylor if Kim’s ok. Brandi tells us she had her fair share of interaction with people on drugs while a model, and clearly something’s going on with Kim, but it’s weird the room is ignoring it.

PODBUSTER alert – during one of the last commercial breaks, the truth is revealed that while all of the women knew they’d just be served desert, but still arrived starving. Camille says they’re just going from the merengue to the breadstick, the breadstick to the merengue.

At Game Night the women finally get to play a game. Kyle, Kim and Brandy are randomly selected onto one team with the other women on the other. Kim loudly whispers that she doesn’t like it and doesn’t want to be on Brandi’s team because she doesn’t like her. Brandi tells us it makes her very uncomfortable. But the women begin to play Celebrity. Everyone puts the names of celebrities on pieces of paper and one person per team gives clues as to who the person is while other team members guess. Camille tells us once they start playing the game the evening becomes a bit more fun.

Tellingly, Brandi gives clues to who we figure out is Winston Churchill, as a very famous black man who isn’t Martin Luther King. Both the women, and viewers have to be stunned at Brandi’s ignorance. But the women giggle and move on. During Kim’s turn she provides clues only Kyle would know, referring to the celebrities as people she’s worked with on one project or another. Brandi makes a snide teamwork comment. Kim calls Dana Pam again and heads to the bathroom. Brandi says she’s worried about Kim being inebriated. Camille tells us she understands being on the outside with Kyle and Kim. Brandi says about Dana that she’s too far up Kim and Kyle’s asses and that Adrienne being there would have made for a far better situation. Camille takes another turn while Kim is away. Kim returns to tell Kyle that Brandi hates her.

Abruptly that game seems to end itself and the suggestion is made to play IQ Test. Kyle tells Brandi she’s up first, to which Brandi replies – Bring It Bitch. Kyle asks if she just called her a bitch and Brandi says she did because of Kyle’s quick suggestion that Brandi goes first. Suddenly both are saying the other, and Kim is rude. Kim jumps in saying Brandi is walking around like a hoe in her short shorts. Kyle adds that Brandi is a slut, but Brandi retorts that Kim is wasted. Then it’s a free for all with Kyle and Kim telling Brandi to watch her mouth, and that she’s not worth it, all in the same breath. The episode finally ends in a shouting match across the game table.

Next week: More fearless fights and Lisa gets a bit of wedding sticker-shock.

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