The Amazing Race Recap: Don't Lay Down on Me Now!
Oct 10 2011 08:32 am CET

Last leg we witnessed two teams that didn't seem to grate get eliminated because they couldn't read instructions. While some teams cited being distracted by all the kids, clearly a handful of teams actually paid attention.

We return to Jogjakarta, Indonesia and while the races normally have a twelve hour rest period between legs, this leg must have been a bit longer since Andy & Tommy left in the morning, but they checked in in almost full sunlight. The teams all got their clues to join a Colonial Bike Patrol Ride; the impatience of the racers would be challenged by the slow but enthusiastic bikers. The squads headed out with the teams to guide them so the minor challenge was only if you were a horrible bicyclist. Kaylani emphasizes that she's a single mom racing for her daughter. As much as Cindy is a micro-manager, for several months prior to the race Cindy made a really big packing list, took classes, exercised, and studied languages. That's the way to prep for the race. Granted we haven't seen much geography challenges, but you never know. Cathi emphasized that she and Bill were going to die soon, so why not speed up the process, right?

Andy & Tommy - 7:38AM
Laurence & Zac - 7:57
Kaylani - 8:02
Ernie & Cindy - 8:14
Liz & Marie - 8:18
Jeremy & Sandy - 8:21
Bill & Cathi - 8:22
J & J - 8:31
Amani & Marcus - 8:32

The teams grabbed a taxi to Salkmalang Village to find a local restaurant. While there was less bickering between the siblings, we managed to get a shot of watched Jennifer crash and complain the whole time. Ernie's pedal came off as the Twins overtook them. They were then taken over by Jeremy & Sandy, Ma & Pa, and Justin & Jennifer. Luckily for them, everyone had to find a taxi and hope that they made it in one piece. Ernie & Cindy managed to pedal and get in a taxi before Amani & Marcus could find a taxi as they attempted to use their Charla Taxi Whistle.

We arrive at rural village, a wonderful counterbalance to the chaotic city we've seen. The Snowboarders were first to the Detour and their choices were Rice Field (Deliver meals and plant 300 rice seedlings) or Grass Fed (Fill bags with grass, get two sheep, and fill a trough with water). The Snowboarders headed to grass pile to fill their bags. They were pretty quick filling the bags, but weren't that thorough. The taxi dram started growing as the Footballer (& Wife!) had no clue where he was going.

The Snowboarders managed to walk sheep and their bags to the amusement of the locals. They were quickly rejected by the grass-bag judge and returned to add more grass to their bags. Laurence & Zac also chose grass fed and managed to make up some time by filling their bags in one try. They had to draw six buckets of water to fill a trough, meaning the teams were supposed to have three trips with two buckets. Laurence & Zac tried to speed up and managed to have three or four buckets, the Snowboarders voiced the fact that they should read the clues; the Snowboarders headed out without any drama and Laurence & Zac headed behind them to an ancient temple; the Amazing Race hisses and dings were probably having a field day for them.

Our middle squad of racers headed out everyone picked grass fed except for the two all-female teams. We watched Cathi, Sandy, and Lisa wipe out. It seemed really labor intensive for the women, but watching Cathi wipe out for the four-hundredth time in the rice patties, it may have been easier. I love animal unpredictability. Amani & Marcus were still driving to Borobudur Temple.

The Snowboarders and Laurence & Zac went through the international entrance to stay culturally respectful for the temple. Both teams got their roadblock, to count Buddha’s, and demonstrate the hand motions. Laurence and Tommy decided to work together in hopes that they could finish quickly. The "alliance" of sorts seems like Andy & Tommy had the upper hand in most situations as if it was a dad and three adventurous sons.

The women finished planting and the judges on that side of the Detour seemed nice enough and interestingly the women gained a lot of time on the other teams leaving in third and fourth. This left the straggling Footballer (and wife!) to stuff their bag full of grass. It hasn't been Cathi's day at all, after being covered in mud, her sheep ran away from her; when she called the little children to help her stop, they only looked at her in amusement. Silly old white woman.

There was no drama with our middle pack of Jeremy & Sandy, Ernie & Cindy, and Justin & Jennifer with buckets or filling grass so they all headed out. The judges decided to be strict with the Footballer and they decided to switch tasks to the rice planting. Interestingly, if they picked the labor intensive one first, they probably would have gained time on Bill & Cathi, who managed to fill their buckets without the distractions of other teams.

Laurence immediately figured out the Roadblocks answer was 17, 17, 17, and 18 but didn't know how to explain it to the judge via hand motions. The Twins and Showgirls lightly sauntered as quickly as possible without offending anyone and Lisa and Marie headed out to the Roadblock, but neither decided to work in some all-female alliance/team. Jeremy & Sandy got taxi drama as their car died, they had one kilometer to run. That's like two miles. Little did they realize that their car breaking down actually was a good thing. Bill, Ernie, and Justin reached the Roadblock and like several teams Ernie had no clue how to count the Buddha’s, so he churned out a number. Lisa exclaimed that there were 400 Buddha’s. I'm shocked that the Las Vegas girls didn't go into some Asian-themed buffet in Las Vegas and at least realize who Buddha was. Maybe they were looking for Maitreya Buddha, aka Laughing Buddha? We got one semi-smart (but failed) attempt as the first thing we witness Jeremy trying to do was to ask a local. The local smirked, as if he'd give away the answer so quickly.

Amani & Marcus finally finished planting rice and they were "fustrated" at life, but they wouldn't quit. After thinking about the Roadblock and realizing the correct answer, Laurence got his breakdown of hand positions and they headed to the pitstop with no running. Andy & Tommy provided the answers praising Laurence as the one that figured out the answers. Amani & Laurence decided to ditch their taxi because of how slow they would be. In the international entrance as they were being correctly clothed, The Footballer (and wife!) bumped into the Snowboarders. In a very interesting move, the Snowboarders gave them the answers, complete with hand positions. The Snowboarders cited that at this point they could pick and choose which teams were worthy of racing against them. So apparently in their "dude" mentality they pick the football player (or the "bodyguard" if they still don't know the truth)? Amani looked like she was paying attention but by the time they got to the top, she was so tired that she couldn't remember and Marcus chose to do the Roadblock. It would have been so easy for Amani to take the Roadblock, breathe, and then realize what the Snowboarders meant when she walked around. That and it would have allowed Marcus to do a more physical Roadblock later on in the race as a way for them to keep up with the front teams.

Our middle-pack contestants decided to re-read instructions. Laurence & Zac jogged to the finish, with elephants and a really cool head-piece on the greeter. They were team one, but they were penalized for 15 minutes allowing Andy & Tommy to arrive in first place. The Snowboarders realized that Laurence deserved the prize, but because they had wives they couldn't give the trip to Dubai away. They promised Laurence snowboarding gear one day. Suffice to say, because of the mentally challenging Roadblock, no one else arrived in the 15-minute window and Laurence & Zac were in second.

Twin Marie, Justin, Ernie, and Jeremy had the epiphany that it was hand motions and someone was smart enough to realize there were four different ones. That was a stroke of luck. Imagine if there were five hand positions? Then the middle-pack would have struggled and probably put Marcus in the fold. Speaking of which even with the answers, Marcus wasn't paying attention when he talked to the Snowboarders. He admitted to being the weight bearer. Marcus decided to count some more. With Twin, Justin, Ernie, and Jeremy working together they each picked a hand motion. Lisa talked with Marcus and the other four inched closer to the correct answer.

The only person working by himself at this point was Bill and decided to get on the floor and physically do all four hand motions. He got it right all by himself. Take that, young people. The squad of four followed with Justin, Ernie, Marie, and Jeremy leaving in that order. Lisa soon after also got the answer. While the teams ran to pay their taxi, Jeremy & Sandy didn't have cabs and headed to the finish line. The teams paid their taxis and started to bicker about the situation. While the middle pack didn't have much issue with paying their cab, this left Amani & Marcus, who decided that they could find a faster cab later to automatically run to the pitstop in sixth. Marcus cites good luck, but if they stopped and listened to the Snowboarders, they would have been third.

The final teams sped-walked to the finish line with the photo finish going down to the all-female teams, Liz & Marie edging out Kaylani & Lisa. Kaylani was in tears because she wouldn't be able to tell her daughter that she finished. She should just be happy they even started after the team lost their passport. Sadly, it was the Roadblock that did them in because they were in third after the Detour.

Leg Placement
1) Andy & Tommy - Won a trip to Dubai.
2) Laurence & Zac
3) Jeremy & Sandy
4) Justin & Jennifer
5) Ernie & Cindy
6) Amani & Marcus
7) Bill & Cathi
8) Liz & Marie
9) Kaylani & Lisa Eliminated

Next Week: In Thailand we find majestic water, steep cliffs, and...colorful umbrellas blowing in the wind.

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