NBC extends Up All Night and Whitney to full season; cancels Playboy Club
Oct 04 2011 01:15 pm CET

NBC began making decisions about some of its rookie programs Tuesday, picking comedies Up All Night and Whitney for the full season and yanking Playboy Club from the schedule after another disappointing Monday showing.

Up All Night has performed relatively well for the Peacock network, particularly with its placement in the competitive 8pm Wednesday slot. The comedy, which stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as new parents adjusting to shifting lifestyles, scored a 2.1 in last week's ratings (which is really good...for NBC). The show is also a critical darling, which has a common trait among NBC's low-rated-yet-longlasting comedies.

Though Whitney is not a critical darling, it is currently one of NBC's strongest performers among all series. Airing at 9:30 on Thursdays, the show scored a 2.5 with 5.3 million viewers last week. However, with 30 Rock returning in the spring, it will be interesting to see how the Wednesday/Thursday schedule will be reconfigured.

However, NBC also has the first cancellation of the 2011 season with The Playboy Club getting the axe. Last night's airing scored only 1.2 with 3.2 million viewers. The show's association with Playboy angered groups such as the Parents Television Council, but the boring story and audience mismatch did not draw in viewers. The timeslot will feature reruns of Prime Suspect until October 31, when Brian Williams' Rock Center will debut.

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