Project Runway Recap: Can't We Just All Get Along?
Sep 12 2011 09:58 am CET

This week the designers are split into two teams as they design their own prints for a full-fledged fashion show. Joshua's personal drama causes so much trouble in the workroom that Tim has to lead a prayer circle. Seriously.

Last week's Project Runway was much more civil because the contestants couldn't be as catty around the children. At the apartment, Anthony Ryan was excited about his win as anyone would. Anya was under pressure from always being on the top, but never winning. This statement told me that she'd either win or bomb this episode. Joshua woke up on the wrong side of the bed as he started complaining even before we got to the runway.

At the runway, the contestants met Heidi who was holding the dreaded velvet bag. Instead of announcing any model switch, she announced a two-team challenge with no team leaders. Anthony Ryan got to pick his first team member and chose Anya to compliment his personal aesthetic. Joshua's name was pulled first and the producers laughed inside. There was an increased chance of having either Becky or Bert on his team.

Team 1: Anthony Ryan - Anya - Viktor - Oliver - Bryce
Team 2: Joshua - Laura - Kimberly - Becky - Bert

Jackpot. Bert mumbled under his breath as he walked over to his team. Anthony Ryan was excited since the Josh/Bert/Becky drama would explode and he would watch as his team only had to deal with a boring Bryce and a slow Oliver. Tim talked to the teams in the workroom. He announced the HP Textile challenge, which normally shows up later in the season. This season the group twist caused a few changes. The teams had to produce a five-piece fashion show, making a video in the background, choosing the music (an element we never hear about ever again) and a minimum of three looks have to have prominent use of textile designs. The contestants would only have two days to put everything together.

Tim announced an HP & Intel sponsored guest: Betsey Johnson, the most awesome Johnson & Johnson child. As one of the most whimsical designers out there, Betsey made a few suggestions. She suggested thinking about the girl walking to the music. They played a video of a show from one of Betsey's collections where she integrated the video and the runway. Before leaving, Betsey reminded the team to be cooperative and work together.

The teams had 30 minutes of caucusing and 45 minutes of textile design on the computers. Anthony Ryan suggested an inkblot concept that Anya seconded. For Joshua's team, there were suggestions coming out of every mouth. Laura wanted water, Becky wanted gritty, Joshua suggested the Village People. Laura was certain there was a firefighter in the group (there wasn't). Since the challenge was supposed to be a full collection Viktor suggested that the team work with pants, shorts, and dresses. He then looked over to the other team and realized their group name should be "Chaos." The other team decided on a clock theme; Kimberly being the smartest, rolled her eyes and said nothing. Josh dubbed his team "Nuts and Bolts."

During the design process Team Chaos made obvious squiggles and blurs for their patterns. Becky made some cogs, which didn't look too bad because it was a very clean, non-penciled design. Bert wanted pocket watches as he squiggled the ugliest pocket watch. Nuts and Bolts decided to vote for prints, upsetting Bert. None of his choices made it out of the printer. Joshua immediately snapped when Bert started to complain.

Team Chaos looked on smiling that all the drama ended up on the other side of the room. Becky was happy that all the anger was transferred to Bert. One curse word from Bert caused Joshua to snap. Kimberly knew she was on a sinking ship and didn't say a word. Laura talked Joshua off the ledge in the break room and the two decided to record the video while the others picked up the fabric.

Nuts & Bolts wanted clock insides, but they need a common thread. Joshua thought up of "girl on the move" and decided to tape Laura. Chaos wanted to tape...chaos. Bryce and Viktor had the idea of going to Times Square and started recording.

At Mood, the teams still had 30 minutes to shop. The other three decided to look for fabrics, Anya landing on a nice red fabric. Josh had the idea of a girl with amazing shoes getting out of cabs. Josh had to try on a pair of yellow shoes and looked better than Laura. Chaos went to record anything and everything. Laura decided to stop by an antique store and took shots of clocks with the last few minutes of time.

In the studio, Nuts & Bolts wanted to put the cab shots interspliced with clocks. After Anya made a suggestion, Chaos decided to use a kaleidoscope/mirror effect to parallel the inkblot concept. At the end of the day, Joshua decided to stop the whole room for an announcement. He apologized because he had no excuses for being an ass and he knew the whole thing was unfair for "his" team. He then hugged Bert.

Day two arrived and the custom fabrics were on the teams' tables. Both teams loved their prints, and while Nuts & Bolts "loved" their loud prints Chaos was still making their own patterns. Viktor decided to use paint to create the inkblot effect. Oliver continued to be slow as he wanted to make the perfect jacket. Kimberly decided not to put the prints in her designs because she knew they looked ugly. I'm under the assumption she intentionally made ugly prints that wouldn't be chosen.

Anya and Laura decided to chat in the break room. Laura was upset with how plain Becky's dress was. As Becky walked in Laura directly told Becky that she thought the skirt was too plain, Anya suggested using the cogs instead of the text. Becky got a bit upset. Knowing that drama would occur, Anya slowly backed away like a cartoon character.

Tim arrived for his critiques. Team Chaos was happy with Tim, who correctly used "Rorschach" in his sentence. Tim loved the cohesion and teamwork. His biggest suggestion was that fitting and movement need to be taken into consideration.

For Nuts & Bolts, Tim was worried with Laura's jumpsuit. Tim was confused by Bert's seams. Becky's scale of the print looked cheap for the skirt. Joshua's cog jacket made Tim nervous. The silver poodle textile gave Tim hives. Tim then started getting tougher with his questions. He wondered who the customers were and started with Joshua's jacket. Joshua got defensive about the jacket asking why there needed to be a place to wear the jacket. In my fantasy world, I imagined a business woman trying to wear that to work. Unless she worked at a watch repair store, the look didn't work. Tim warned about ego and how there was no cohesion in the group. Tim then made the team to join hands and make a vow to work together. Team prayer? That's new.

After Tim left, Joshua stopped and claimed that he was "fustrated" because Tim gave him horrible critiques. I'm "fustrated" that he can't use the word frustrated. That's like saying "li-bary." He sobbed about how he couldn't go visit his family because he had to support himself. He called his father for support. They discussed his deceased mother's birthday passing only a few weeks ago. In his interview, he couldn't hold back the tears of never being able to see his mother one last time. I'm not sure if we're supposed to see him as the villain this season or the asshole with the broken heart.

The models arrived for fittings and Joshua was still upset with himself for being "fustrated." He started working better with Bert as they slammed Tim's princess cut idea. Anya, on the other hand, worried about Bryce's top looking too commercial. Of all the contestants, I trust Anya's eye the best. With time running out Oliver still hasn't finished on his pants. Laura's dress mysteriously added zippers in hopes of cohesion.

At the apartment, the girls chatted about the day's dramatic events. Laura was convinced that Tim's intervention was the turning point for the team. They hoped that maybe they could exude the "effort" to look like they would win. On the day of the runway show, Joshua had no thoughts going on in his head. Laura wanted the team to just support each other. Oliver still had no pants. While we were never told this, Anya came in to work on the pants for him. The timing was the same for hair and makeup and the only flaw we saw for Team Chaos was that the hair and makeup wasn't as strong. Nuts & Bolts went for "machine" makeup and severe bangs.

Heidi welcomed the group and joining Michael Kors and the returning Nina Garcia, were designer Rachel Roy and Rose Byrne.

Team Nuts and Bolts
Joshua - I don't understand the top and the flappy jacket. Maybe I'm not cool but why would a woman want a back flap to randomly open and close as she walked?
Becky - There's something too generic about the dress. The jacket elbows were an interesting idea, but the only saving point.
Bert - Overall, the dress was okay. I disliked the length of the skirt matched with the shoes, but I liked the strap in the back.
Kimberly - I like the top of the dress, but the bottom looked like a weird poof. Then it started riding up slowly.
Laura - The jumpsuit looks interesting, but I disliked the belt. It was a desperate throwaway for the team to have cohesion.

Team Chaos
Anya - The dress made a lot of sense and was a good change of pace for Anya. The back and sleeves were a great touch.
Bryce - I still don't like the front of Bryce's top that Anya warned him about, but the back worked to create cohesion and the shorts were the right length.
Anthony Ryan - There's something so cute about the inkblot on the bottom and the red bow was a great touch of color.
Oliver - The jacket worked perfectly, but I'd prefer some form of shirt underneath.
Viktor - The gown worked well with the rest of the team and the flow of the skirt at the end was great.

Heidi announced there would still be one winner and one loser. Team Chaos easily won this challenge. The winners were first for evaluation. In the back Joshua snapped at Becky. Anthony Ryan explained to the judges that the concept was a combination of a life in chaos but confidence of having clothes. Heidi thought the whole collection was impeccable. Michael thought there was an uneven sophistication level, but Oliver's jacket was an amazing standout. The video matched perfectly with the concept. The elephant in the room was Bryce's junior look. Nina wanted Oliver's jacket. The biggest criticism was for makeup and hair. Heidi asked Chaos who should be the winner. In an amazing moment, Oliver mumbled to Heidi that he should be the winner. This caused Viktor, Anthony Ryan, and Anya to vote for themselves. Bryce, knowing his outfit was horrible voted for Anya.

Team Nuts & Bolts were under the lights next. They tried to explain the concept of running out of time with cogs somehow also merging with the idea. Heidi's problem was that the collection was busy. Michael was concerned about the literal translation. Rachel thought of family and children when given the word "time." Michael thought watching Laura leaving a taxi a billion times was a hooker convention video. The hair and makeup had a cohesive look, one of the few shining stars for the team. Rose didn't think there were any flattering clothes. Michael called out Laura for not having the print outside the belt and thought Kimberly was genius for not having any prints. Becky's top and skirt were horrible. Bert explained Josh's inability to work together. Becky thought Josh should be eliminated because of his negative attitude; Bert tried his best to throw Josh under the bus as well. Heidi asked the other contestants and Laura voted Bert, Joshua voted Becky, Kimberly voted for Becky and then called her clothes "simple." Way to burn bridges, Kimberly.

The winner of the top three of Anya, Viktor, and Oliver was Anya. Team Chaos scurried away in happiness. The bottom two from Nuts & Bolts werre Joshua and Becky. Becky was eliminated after several weeks of straggling near the bottom.

Next week on Project Runway: Men describe their loved one's clothing aesthetics. Oliver doesn't understand DD cup bras. Neither do I, Oliver. Neither do I.

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