Expedition Impossible Recap: And then there were Four
Aug 26 2011 12:23 am CET

Thirteen teams are finally down to four teams: The Football Players, Fab 3, No Limits, and the Gypsies. The four teams had a final dinner together, but their high spirits transformed into competitive drive. The final stage was one-day and one team would be eliminated mid-course. All the teams started at the same time and headed to their designated boats. This time the contestants don't have extra paddles and the Gays' boat started to break, immediately their bickering kicked in. It seems as though the Footballers also had a broken paddle. The difference was that the Footballers were taking in water.

The Gypsies arrived at their first clue to go and find two stones filled with amethyst crystals to trade for horses. They started to sift for rocks as the Gays arrived and started their needle-in-the-haystack quest. The Footballers continued to panic as the commercial break engulfed them. They decided to switch their weight where instead of having the biggest person in the back, Akbar was in the middle.

As always, the Gypsies left in first and traded their crystals for horses and headed for their three-plus ride. The elimination point would be afterwards. The Blind made Eric shovel. It was sad because he wasn't even shoveling the rocks into the air and it looked like it hit Jeff or Ike. While the team found their first crystal, the Gays got their second rock and headed out. The Gays tried their best to choose nice horses and AJ had a horse that wanted to sit down.

The Blind found their crystal and wobbled out; the Football Players must have been far behind. While the footballers were making a run the Blind got equipped and headed out. With little time on his feet, Ike was racing a pretty clean leg with a busted ankle. To no one's surprise The Gypsies arrived in and were followed by the Gays. In an attempt to go even faster, the Footballers made a sprint which backfired on them. Akbar was thrown off the horse and they had to wobble as hard as possible. No Limits arrived in third. The Football players limped into fourth and it looked almost as though Akbar's whole side was bloody. They were whisked away happy about their experience.

The race continued and Dave told the racers to drive on their product placement SUVs into the Moroccan markets of Marrakesh. The teams sprinted as hard as possible though all three teams got into the SUVs and headed out. There was a product placement ad about adjusting their car's settings. Really? The race returned to an Amazing Race style race where the teams started running around crowds and the cameramen had to drunkenly follow quickly. Those cameramen must be strong if they have to run with heavy cameras. The three teams got the clue to navigate and locate a place in Arabic. The Gypsies managed to get a translation so the Gays decided to follow them no matter what, a technique that would never have worked if they were running around in a desert. The Blind had to weave quickly but having Eric dangling onto Jeff caused problems when the paths got thinner. The Gypsies were intimidated by having the Gays within touching distance.

At the next clue, the teams were told to use a map to navigate to the palace prison; the emphasizing clue was that they had to find a "secret door". The Gays and Gypsies headed out as quickly as they could. The Blind had the best advantage of having locals seeing Americans and telling them to go whichever way they saw Americans and cameramen. The Gypsies decided to run with the Gays following. Magically, the Blind arrived right next to the Gypsies. The hell? Is this market one big confusing circle? The Blind screwed up and had to go back to get the map. Even with Eric slamming into everything and Ike in tremendous pain, they wouldn't give up.

Somewhere along the line, both the Gypsies and Gays asked the locals for directions. Everyone was lost because every door looked the same. The Blind got their map and got decent directions and headed out. In that chaotic moment, the Gays broke away from the Gypsies and started to run. They were confused and running. The Gypsies decided to look for the last door they saw. By having the Gays near them, the Gypsies were frazzled. In a smarter fashion, the Blind slowly walked and followed their map. The Gays got some random directions from police officers and sprinted past bicyclists and motorcycles. They were nowhere near where a "secret door" would be located.

The Fabulous Gays were pretty lost, asking for directions and decided to start over. The Gypsies returned to door one and realized they made a minor mistake. They realized that there was an archway and turned to the correct area. The Blind ingeniously asked the local children; they lead them to the correct directions. The Gypsies navigated to the correct house and got the final clue. Of course before that the teams had to "rappel" down the ladder. Why didn't they go down the ladder? In the real world I wouldn't have a harness ready for every time I had to deal with heights. The teams had to figure out how to open a Moroccan puzzle box. They headed down and found their box without too much of a hassle. The Blind gained a lot of time and headed down the ladder in second place.

The Gypsies struggled with their puzzle, as the Blind descended from their ladder. Jeff looked over and he realized it was a Moroccan Puzzle box. He knows how to open it. After Eric went down the ladder, they immediately got the box and headed to solve the puzzle. The Gypsies got lucky and solved the puzzle, unlocked their ladder and headed to the final wall climb. The Blind made up a lot of time and unlocked their puzzle, but at that point it was too late. While the Gypsies made one final mistake (forgetting a backpack) it was moot. The Gypsies still were far ahead of the Blind and finished in first. No big whoop there.

The bigger surprise came from the Little Engine that Could: No Limits. They inched their way through the race and managed to finish in second. Eric was proud that he wanted to make sure that the Blind community could see how hard the Blind could work. How could they see again? Eric even used the word "image." We fast forward to the Gays, feeling less Fab, but still happy to finish in third.

The Gypsies had some odd final ceremony where they could raise their team flag. All it was a purple version of the logo.

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