Project Runway Recap: My Pet Project
Aug 08 2011 09:35 am CET

This week the 15 designers on Project Runway pick up a few things at the pet store to make their next set of outfits. Burt phones in his design, but many of the looks rock out the challenge. Wee wee pads may be what's In next season.

After the whirlwind of multiple designers and semifinals, the competition continued on. Burt received immunity from last week so no matter what he did this episode wouldn't count. Josh C. was reeling from the negative critiques; he admitted that he wanted to "get by" which is probably the worst attitude to have on a reality show. It's all about winning. Anya was just excited to feel the energy of the critiques last week, though she still needs to maintain her recent sewing skills.

Heidi welcomed the contestants and told them that for the next challenge they would be "unleashed" which caused Josh M. to think that the next challenge was to design S&M gear; I like where his head goes. There was no model switch this week. The contestants met Tim at Petland Discounts, where the best care a pet can get; it's a Tri-State staple. He announced that it was time for a classic unconventional challenge. Anything in the store was available, but Tim warned the contestants that the judges hate when people use fabric in an unconventional challenge. A few examples include the Butcher Paper dress (Season 1), the Joyless Hershey Kiss Pillow Floaties (Season 4), or Psycho Killer Shower Curtain (Season 5). They could however use muslin as lining. That would be the kindest to the models. Imagine having to walk with some dog toy scratching against your chest.

The designers were given $300 and 30 minutes. Most of the contestants went for the obvious: dog toys, fish tank plants, belts, collars, and pee pads. Others thought that pet bedding was an interesting texture to work with. Tim complained about people using dog beds because they could be labeled as too fabric-like. Instantly Burt used the beds and dog clothes. Ah, the perks of immunity.

Back at Parsons, the contestants unpacked all their stuff and Tim told the contestants they had 11 hours. The contestants spent the first few moments sketching concepts on their product placement tablets. Julie decided to use the pet food bags to create a crosshatch fabric; she regretted the whole plan. Anthony decided to use birdseed as a top and grass as the bottom. Cecelia grabbed dog food and decided that she would glue it on like beading. I'm happy no one worried about the questionable smell that these dresses would emit. Laura wanted to create a dog cone as a skirt and sand to cover up the sheer nature. Fallene was upset that she grabbed a lot of orange; hates orange. Why did she grab orange?

Josh C. got a cat post, dog bed, and an umbrella, all of which I would have considered as a bit too conventional. Oliver didn't understand arts and crafts and instead tried to imbue his multicultural attitude. The younger gays started to bicker to each other in a sassy manner. In that one moment the producers decided that no names would really help America during the interviews; thanks.

Josh M. loved costume-based clothes and decided that over-styling the model was the best thing in the world. Coco Chanel rolled in her grave on that statement. Julie spent a lot of time trying to create patchwork. There were seasons that it worked well (Korto's Seatbelt Kimono comes to mind) but this pattern just looked a bit sloppy. Becky was worried that her dress would start looking like mother earth emerged from the grass to pet every dog and cat that she came across. Then since they were untrained they would wee on her. Laura emphasized that she loved luxury so she wouldn't put anything on the runway that screamed Kohlís. She modeled her own cone skirt looked cool, but she worried about it fitting on the model. Fallene was worried that since she was only a part-time designer. Burt had immunity so he laughed, sighed about the other contestantsí creativity, and made an ugly dress. With time running out Anthony liked his birdseed idea. Oliver made a tailored dog bed shirt. The thing about Oliver is how tailored the top was in comparison to how busy the skirt ended up being.

Bryce was worried about the wee-wee pads. Someone should start the wee-wee counter for this episode. Since both Viktor and Danielle were using dog pads Bryce worried about how he would stand out. Bryce was worried about dying his pads. Tim went around and started his critiques. Burt made a blah dress and it left Tim speechless. Josh C. was under pressure and while Tim was responding well, he warned the rest of the dress had to be good. Oliver wanted muted colors and wanted to create an ombre effect. He was worried about the top being too literal, but Tim liked it. Tim worried about Julie's model moving and ripping paper. Bryce's wee-wee pads needed more direction. Laura's skirt left Tim blank. Josh M. wanted an updated 50's dress. He planned on using a lot of elements, but Tim warned him that time management was his biggest concern.

In quick five second interviews Tim warned Anya's skirt for being too complicated, Kimberly's back looking like tire tracks, and Becky's design looking like Swamp Thing. Anthony Ryan decided using birdseed which got Tim amazed. Fallene explained her glue gunning skills which left Tim a bit worried. He left for the night with the contestants with four hours to finish.

The models arrived for their fittings and Viktor was worried about how tight the dress would be. Burt talked to his model and explained that he wanted a dress that was simple. It's not like Kerstin would disagree and risk being eliminated. Josh C. was concerned about fit because of his shorts last week that looked like the model had wood. Josh M. had a skirt. He decided to make a new top that was made out of colorful fish tank rocks. Laura's model was showing butt cheeks and Laura started to freak out; that would be too K-Mart for her. Laura grabbed cardboard cat scratch and managed to make a skirt.

The two Joshes had some time discussing accessories and at least the over-the-top Josh M. knew that adding a clutch would be distracting. Julie was concerned that she was going in the wrong direction; like Fallene, both were a bit too late to second guess anything. Laura was worried about Bryceís pee-skirt. Josh C. continued to be discouraged because everyone was gluing everything on as quickly as possible. Should he have glued anything on?

On the day of the fashion show, everyone was worried. Anthony decided to ditch his skirt and cover it in bird seed. Anya hasn't even gotten a skirt ready. Tim entered and warned the contestants that they had two hours of prep. Anthony was worried that he'd be eliminated in the unconventional challenge. At the salon, Oliver wanted to put some of the bedding on the eyebrows. Eventually there were 10 minutes left and Bryce and Fallene both were convinced that they were in the bottom. Anya had to glue the belts onto her model; the combination of her time management and lack of sewing skills emerged again.

Heidi greeted the contestants and introduced the judges. Along with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia was fashion designer Stacey Bendet. The winner will have immunity this week and like last week it seems that this immunity will be a great help next week.

Danielle - I liked the mesh top and the bottom almost looked like white wash denim. I'm not sure if that was the smartest thing, but she did manage to make her wee-pads look less wee-like.

Fallene - The dress was boring and the proportions looked off. Something about the belt made me want to rip the thing off. Maybe if she had a shorter model it would have worked.

Anthony - I liked the birdseed concept but I thought the skirt was a bit too short. I agree that a hula skirt would have destroyed the dress, but a bit of fringe on the bottom may have helped the length issues.

Burt - The dress looked like sleepy lingerie. He knew that immunity would save him. I don't even know where he was going with this.

Julie - As the only paper dress, I liked the concept but not the execution. All those dog bags had reds, yellows, and blues, but she decided to use some of the red, white, and brown.

Anya - The model had fierceness and fire and the top was beautiful. The bottom was a throwaway for me and it seems like most of the designers thought something pencil skirt like would be the most helpful.

Bryce - Bryce went too far on the bottom of the skirt and over fluffed it. The whole thing looked like a crazed ballerina. If he kept the wee-pads to a minimum when Tim met with him, the concept would have been better. Also if the top went all the way down to the skirt, Hannah wouldn't have looked like a hooker.

Kimberly - The top didn't seem to fit perfectly, but on closer look, the aquarium tubes weren't close to the tire track section so it was intentional.

Josh C. - I thought the whole outfit was sleepy and too typical. Later on, Becky pointed out that Josh put puppies on Ashley's puppies.

Viktor - of all the wee-wee dresses, Viktors looks the best. I liked the choice of purple and it stood out in the sea of beige dresses.

Cecilia - I'm pretty sure Alyssa lost a few pieces of stuffing from the dress, but the patterns between the brown and blue were beautiful.

Oliver - There us a sleek sophistication but I wanted to rip the eyebrows off of the model.

Becky - After all the struggle of Mother Earth coming from the swamp, the dress wasn't too bad. She stood out with some nice greens and maroons.

Laura - The dress looked chic but it needed more time. The skirt screamed last minute.

Josh M. - I loved the top of the dress but the mirror was so stupid. You could also see the models ass on the sides of the dress. Side butt must be more acceptable than butt crack.

Heidi called out all the middle fodder contestants and congratulated them. Burt was warned about his sloppy work. The top designers were Anthony Ryan (nice silhouette and neckline, but a bit short), Oliver (great combination of textures, nice belt, bad eyebrows), and Josh M. (great pattern, nice circle skirt, too much makeup). The low scores were Bryce (Horrible napkin dress, too much texture, horrible stylizing) Josh C. (too fabric-like, poor top, no wow), and Fallene (too simple, too Halloween, belt makes model look short).

The judges deliberated and had more of a problem with choosing a winner because of the minor problems including styling and accessorizing the models. Somewhere along the line Heidi admitted to not being as sophisticated as the other judges. After the commercial, Heidi announced that Oliver was the winner and had immunity. Anthony, Josh M., and Bryce were safe. The bottom two were Fallene and Josh. Josh was eliminated for creating a conventional dress without imagination.

Next Week on Project Runway: Stilts and Kim Kardashian. Now if only that was Kim Kardashian on stilts.

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