Parents Television Council targets NBC's 'The Playboy Club'
Jul 26 2011 05:47 pm CET

TV watchdog group the Parents Television Council is getting a head start on the Fall 2011 season by launching a letter writing campaign against the upcoming NBC drama The Playboy Club.

Broadcasting & Cable was first to report the story Tuesday. According to the article, the group accuses the program of putting "a veneer of sophistication" on the pornography industry. The Playboy Club, set in 1960's Chicago, follows the lives of the women who work at the establishment.

Last month, Salt Lake City's NBC affiliate announced it would not air the program. In the B&C article, the PTC vowed to inundate the FCC with indecency complaints if anything objectionable made it to air.

It should be noted that The Playboy Club is currently scheduled to air Mondays at 10pm. 10pm is considered "safe harbor" territory, which means network programming is under fewer FCC guidelines. In other words, NBC can thank the PTC for free advertising.

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